For whom: Holders of the IKEA Family or IKEA Family MasterCard who come to our stores or points, or who have personally received personally the promotion through email, will benefit from a 10% in a purchase voucher on the amount of the invoice for the purchase of their kitchen.

Promotion valid for the purchase of kitchen furniture, free-standing kitchens and appliances (HFB 7 and 70).

Minimum purchase to activate the promotion: 1.000€ in the Canary Islands and 1.500€ in the Balearic Islands.

The validity of the promotion will go from the 1st of April 2024 to the 30th of June 2024 to make the purchase of your kitchen.

The date of exchange of the voucher will be the month after the month when the kitchen is billed.

Promotion available at all IKEA Baleares and Canarias sales points, IKEA Baleares and Canarias. Billed services are excluded.


PROMOTION NON-CUMULATIVE TO OTHER PROMOTIONS OF PURCHASE VOUCHERS: If two or more promotions of this type coincide in the same online purchase invoice, you will receive the purchase voucher of higher amount by email which you could exchange at your store or IKEA point. The purchase voucher will not be refunded, reactivated or transferred to any other person.

VALIDITY OF THE PURCHASE VOUCHERS: The purchase vouchers have two validity dates. Date of the promotion: Validity range of the promotion. Date of voucher exchange: Date range when the customer can use this voucher through in-store (IKEA store or point).

GENERAL AND SPECIAL CONDITIONS: Online purchase voucher promotions can be subject to special conditions such as minimum purchase or the purchase of specific items. These conditions will be reflected in the promotion and in the particular promotional bases. The exchange of an online purchase voucher never generates another purchase voucher.

RECEPTION OF THE VOUCHER: The customer will receive the purchase voucher via email once the invoice has been issued and validated.

Any breach of these conditions or any fraudulent use of discounts and purchase vouchers, will result in the deprivation or deactivation of the promotion. The advantages acquired during the campaigns that do not comply with these general conditions will be canceled without any compensation and will result in the immediate cancellation and to SARTON CANARIAS S.A. to cancel all purchase and fidelity vouchers used fraudulently. SARTON CANARIAS S.A. also reserves the right to take legal action against any conflicting User.

SARTON CANARIAS S.A. also reserves the right to take legal action against any conflicting User.


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  • Telephone for inquiries in Tenerife: 822 621 532
  • Telephone for inquiries in Lanzarote: 828 811 532
  • Telephone for inquiries in the Balearic Islands: 871 153 532
Or through the contact section of the website


These Promotions will be valid at the IKEA Baleares and Canarias sale points during the time identified in the communication.


All natural people who make and pay for the purchase of the items specified in the promotion during the period identified in the communication.


At Sarton Canarias SA we process the information provided by the people interested in order to communicate our valid offers and promotions, offer discounts on services and, in general, promote a stronger link between our company and our customers.

In order to offer you specific products of your interest we will develop a “commercial profile”, based on the information provided. No automated decisions will be taken based on that profile.

For more information about the processing we do of your data, you can check on the following link:


The mere participation in the promotion, implies the acceptance of the present conditions. In case of existing doubts or discrepancies in the interpretation of the present bases, they will be referred to the common right. The conditions will be available during the period in which the promotions are valid in the IKEA SPANISH ISLANDS stores and the web.