We are going to help you turn your living room into an even more comfortable and cozy place. A practical space to enjoy family life together. Because your life happens around the table, and at IKEA we are experts in decorating your life.
Shall we start?

1. Elements and spaces
2. Types of dining tables
3. Types of dining chairs
4. Everyday style and personality
5. Accessories around a good table


1. Elements and spaces

Not every house has a dining room per se. Spanish families usually use a space in the kitchen, the living room or both as a dining room. We regularly use the kitchen for informal dinners, as a family or with friends and leave the living room for more special events such as birthdays, Christmas or celebrations with guests.

No matter what your case is, it is important that you are aware of the main elements as well as the space you have to set them out.
The table
The table is in many cases the heart of the house because of the intense use we give it every day: working, playing, doing homework or having dinner. The EKEDALEN table is perfect for informal dinners or to celebrate a birthday.
The chairs
In our catalog you will find chairs in every style and color. With a high backrest, upholstered, classic, modern. Chairs such as LEIFARNE bring balance to your dining room and allow for you up to 30 combinations, so you adapt them to your style.
The dinnerware
Porcelain or glass, dinnerware is a very important element on your table. Any dish can become a special delicacy if presented as it deserves. With dinnerware such as FLITIGHET you get 18 pieces in different sizes, all ready to serve.
The cutlery
 Forks, knives, spoons and teaspoons. Whether classic or modern, cutlery dresses our table as well. Several studies show that food tastes different depending on the cutlery we use to eat it with. If you are looking for quality cutlery that suits any occasion, DRAGON is your series.
The rug
It is not essential, but it will bring that special touch of warmth, comfort and style needed to enjoy a welcoming family dinner in the living room. Choose the right size for your set. MORUM is a series of plain and hard-wearing rugs with the right sizes for your dining room area.
The lighting
Ceiling lamps are perfect to light up your best moments around you table. Lamps like SINNERLIG have a modern and easy style that match A++ energy bulbs.


Some tips about the space

We already know the main elements of our dining room set. Depending on the space we have available and the area of the house where we want to place it, we will choose our dining room, its design and functionalities. We are going to tell you some points to consider when you make this choice.

It is necessary to determine the space so the table has the right size to allow diners to stand up easily. Leave at least a meter and a half between the table and the wall or between the table and the furniture around it.

Do not place more chairs than necessary. You should consider how many people will sit around the table on a daily basis. To make sure that everyone enjoys the feast, we recommend to leave a meter and a half between chairs, this way you can add an extra chair if more guests show up.

If you go for an extendable table, which we will talk about more below, make sure that you have that extra space necessary to open it and fit more people.


2. Types of dining tables

We go into detail on one of the main elements of your dining room. You must consider two characteristics: the structure and the shape.

When we refer to structure we are talking about functionality and here we can point out two concepts, foldable and extendable.
Extendable tables allow you to have room for everyone, whether you are many at home or if you have guests over regularly. It is common to use its original size on a daily basis and extend the tabletop to host family and friends during gatherings and celebrations.
Gateleg tables have a fixed area and another that can be folded like a leaf, to extend the main board. Their versatility makes them perfect for small living rooms or dining room areas. Some, as in the case of NORDEN, also include very convenient drawers.
Drop-leaf tables are another interesting option. They are perfect for small kitchens or as an auxiliary workspace. They save up space when they are not being used and they are also perfect for children’s dinners or for a small snack with your partner.

We continue with the shape of the table. In general, round tables are more suitable for small spaces because, as there are no corners, they allow more people to sit. On the other hand, rectangular tables are often used on wider rooms. It would be the best option if there are always guests coming over. There are also square and oval tables.


3. Types of dining chairs

The second most important element when getting your dining room ready are the chairs. Apart from the design, the seat and the backrest are also important features that we should take into account.
High back chairs allow you to rest your back comfortably while you eat. Keep your guests comfortable during long tabletalks when there is no room on the sofa, sit on them while you browse the internet or help your children with their homework without straining your back.
Medium back chairs are easier to move around, they also take up less room giving a feeling of space to the living room. The chairs in our catalog are really comfortable and ergonomic.
Foldable chairs are practical and functional because they save up space and are also easy to store. It is the perfect solution to offer an extra seat when guests come over, as well as very useful in small kitchens and other places where you need somewhere to sit and eat.

The seat is the main factor related to how comfortable a chair is. Upholstered or padded seats provide a comfortable rest and a feeling of comfort. On the other hand, chairs with an ergonomic seat allow for a more relaxed posture, ideal for the everyday use. For chairs with a flat seat we have chair pads in different designs, colors and thickness so you can customize your dining set and provide that extra comfort. Here you can see a selection of each of these types of seats.
Silla respaldo medio E


Other interesting options

Benches are a good option, specially when there are small ones in the house. A bench is perfect to make the most of space and gain more seats. EKEDALEN benches are very easy to match with tables and chairs of the same series.

Swivel chairs, such as LÅNGFJÄLL, have a really comfortable and ergonomic seat. They allow you to move easily and you can also adjust the reclining mechanism with an Allen key to adapt them to your weight and movements.

No matter what your choice is, remember to take all measurements into account, make sure there is enough room for diners to seat comfortably, and think about the versatility that foldable chairs offer you when guests come over.


4. Everyday style and personality

The dining room is one of those common areas of the house where we get together to talk about how our day went while having dinner. To keep this space alive, at IKEA we offer you a big range of different styles that match any home. Sometimes, it is enough to look for some inspiration, because some small changes can be enough to achieve a completely new and unique style.

"Place chairs of different styles, colors and designs to achieve a unique and original space"


5. Accessories around a good table

There are many elements that complement a perfect dining room. Here you have a selection, from small details such as napkin holders to trolleys to move your kitchenware around comfortably.
A lovely tablecloth changes everything. Use original place mats that are full of style while they also protect your table from spills.
Centerpieces, vases or candles. Decorate your table when you are not using it and dress up your dining room.

Keep your napkins and napkin holders always at hand. Your guests will thank you.

There is nothing like a trolley to move your kitchenware from the kitchen to the dining room.