The long, lazy days of summer may be over but don't worry. You can rekindle that feeling by bringing light and warmth into your living room. With moog lighting and soft textiles, you can transform your favourite room into a bright and cosy oasis.

A room for a living

When you're in the mood for a mini-makeover, small changes can make a difference in a flash. Focus on adding mood lighting, throws and pillows. A light-coloured rug can help make the room feel even brighter.

Rug, low pile

Get in the mood

The longer evenings can feel heavy. Adding mood lighting to dark corners can make your living room look and feel warmer and more welcoming. Bring a little of the outdoors in with autumn foliage or flowers in a vase. It will brighten even the drakest evenings.

Decorate with light

When the days grow shorter and the nights are longer, we long for summer evenings by an open fire. An easy way to bring brightness and warmth safely into our homes is by grouping LED candles, tealights, and add light chains under glass domes. It adds instant cosiness whenever and wherever you like.
Led table lamp
Storage table
Led block candle

More than simply decor

A rug is more than just decor. It can add brightness to a room, warmth to a chilly floor or become a favourite spot to lounge. Choose a rug in natural fibres for softness and durability. You'll love how it feels.

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