We celebrate 40 Years together at IKEA Tenerife! 🎉 We are full of enthusiasm and we want you to be part of this unique celebration. Stay tuned for all the surprises we have prepared for you.

1983 - 2023

We have changed, but we are still us

This year we celebrate 40 years at IKEA Tenerife, 40 years with you. A true love story for flat packages, the Swedish design and the Allen key. In 1983 the second IKEA store of Spain opened in Tenerife and since then we have been present in the everyday life of the people from Tenerife. We want to stay with your, at least, 40 years more.

From 1983  “See you at IKEA”

An unique identity, an innovative vision that managed to bring the design to the many people, the style, quality, functionality and price. Those where the pillars that allowed IKEA to be part of the island's imaginary. The Democratic Design connected with the people from Tenerife, changing their home's relationship.

We no longer furnish for life, we furnish for each one of our lives.

Light woods, like pine or birch, were giving shape to new homes as the population grew in areas like La Laguna or Santa Cruz.

Even in the 80s, the IKEA Tenerife store was a space full of environments that inspired anyone who visited us. That is why the "See you at IKEA" became popular and made us so happy.

IKEA Tenerife decorations, 1985

We are still close to you

The arrow signs on the floor, the pencils, the meters made of paper, the ball pool at the entrance, the Swedish meatballs or the most famous hotdogs of the island. You IKEA store has been part of Tenerife since 1983, getting near to you where you were to make your life easier. That is why, in 2010 we opened the IKEA Point La Palma, and shortly after the IKEA Point in Chafiras.

Nowadays, IKEA Tenerife has 7.498 square meter and more than 1,5 million of visits. Besides, we have adapted to your needs, being pioneers nationally in E-commerce and, recently, developing our own App IKEA Inspire. Always with the intention of being a little bit closer to you.

We're classic

At IKEA we love to surprise you with our new collections, but if there is something that makes us proud is our classics. Classics like the BILLY bookcase, that has been more than 40 years with us; or POANG, an armchair that will never go out of style.

But specially we are a team

If there is something that defined us is the people that have formed and form an incredible team. Some coworkers have been with us more than 30 years. Together, we have successfully overcome all the adversities and prospered until we became what we are today.

We invite you to celebrate the 40 years with us!

Because you don't turn 40 everyday, at IKEA Tenerife we have decided to make a huge celebration, A lot of surprises, special promotions, giveaways, events that you are going to love and an espectacular party ending on December.

You can't miss it!

IKEA during these 40 years has learnt from the Tenerife culture and customs, of their people and their way of life to adapt to their needs. Today we feel part of the island and this is how everyday the thousand of visitors we have let us know. Thank you Tenerife for these 40 years of leasons. 
Joshua Núñez. IKEA Tenerife Store Manager.