Annual report 2022

We have grown, we are becoming more and more sustainable, more diverse and we are closer to our customers.

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Equality plan 2019-2023

At IKEA we stand of equality, supporting fundamental rights and ensuring that all people who work here have equal opportunities. Always.

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The values that define us


"Together" means that we all pull together when needed, regardless of our position or role. It may be lending a hand during a busy period or helping others meet an important deadline.

Different with a purpose

With our "rebel" spirit, we challenge convention and drive positive change in our industry and sometimes even in the world. We are tireless entrepreneurs, driven by curiosity, enthusiasm and a desire to create a better everyday life for the most people.

Cost awareness

Our entire business model is based on the idea of low prices and high volumes. This, together with low costs, generates solid long-term profits. And those profits give us the resources to reach even more people with our offer.


Simplicity is being ourselves and not straying from reality. We are informal, we avoid status symbols such as ostentatious titles, we are on a first-name basis, we wear the same uniform, and we travel and meet cost-consciously.

Renovation and improvement

Whatever we do today, we can do a little better tomorrow. A strong desire for renewal and improvement, always for most people, is one of the drivers of our success.

Caring for people and the planet

We want to have a positive impact on people and the planet by offering high volumes of products made from more sustainable materials and using new production concepts, materials and technologies. We help people to live a more sustainable life at home.

Leading by example

We see leadership as an action, not a position. We can lead by taking the initiative and being a source of inspiration to others. Humble, realistic, informal, cost-conscious and attentive to people. But also resolute, courageous, direct, curious and determined.

Assuming and delegating responsibilities

We insist on giving people a lot of responsibility from the start of their IKEA journey. We believe in empowering people and in the power of those who want to develop themselves. And we all grow by taking on bigger tasks.

Benefits of working at IKEA

We are all equal. Always

At IKEA we are strongly committed to Equality, ensuring that everyone who works here has equal opportunities. That's why we have the 1st IKEA Spanish Islands Equality Plan consisting of 126 measures.

We prohibit any kind of discrimination, so we persevere in offering fair treatment, we persevere in offering fair treatment regardless of race, ethnic origin, religion, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, ideology or any other status.

Leadership positions held by women in our markets

We firmly believe in the professional development of people, regardless of their gender or sex. That's why we are committed to diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities for women and men. We know we still have a long way to go, but at IKEA we work every day to make it clear that we are all equal.

Development opportunities from day one

All employees have the opportunity to grow and apply for internal promotions to continue their personal and professional development.

Learning and growing on the job

We invest in the development of the people who work at IKEA, offering a variety of internal training programmes for those who want to learn new things and continue to grow.

Even lower prices for you

As you may already know, IKEA's prices are fantastic. And they're even better for your co-workers. If you work with us, you get discounts when you shop at any IKEA shop in the world.

Gifts and celebrations

We want to celebrate our success together and enjoy the journey of constant improvement. That's why at IKEA, you'll experience celebrations of achievements and other events and receive unexpected gifts.

Fika [fee:ka]

It's a Swedish tradition that IKEA puts into practice all over the world. More than a coffee break, "fika" is a time for sharing, socialising and relaxing with colleagues. This is when some of the best ideas are born and great decisions are made.

Our history

Our founder

Teodor Ingvar Kamprad was born in Sweden in 1926 into a humble family and he created from nothing what we all know today as the Swedish furniture giant: IKEA.

Since he was barely 5 years old, Kamprad was clear that he wanted to set up your own company. That way, he started from the bottom: selling matches among his neighbors and two years later he decided to cover more market with his bicycle.

Later, he realized the advantages of buying products wholesale in Stockholm and selling them to a lowest price in your town. As you can see, from a very young age he already had a business vision.


And so IKEA was born

In 1943, at the age of 17, he received money from his father for getting good grades. Rather than splurge, as any young man his age would have done, Kamprad decided to found the IKEA brand, which he began by selling watches, picture frames, pens, and other products demanded by his neighbors.

Five years later, in 1948, the young man Swedish decided to include furniture among its articles. Back then, it was pieces of furniture made by local cabinetmakers that he delivered with his milk delivery van.


The first exhibition

As you may already know, IKEA prices are fantastic. And for their collaborators they are even better. If you work with us you have discounts when shopping at any IKEA store in the world.

Opening of the first IKEA store

It was in Älmhult, Sweden, in October 1958. Today you can find the IKEA Museum there, where it is exhibited for customers as a symbol of the beginning of this great business adventure.

The IKEA Catalog

It's a Swedish tradition that IKEA puts into practice all over the world. More than a coffee break, "fika" is a time to share, mingle and relax with colleagues. At that moment some of the best ideas are born and great decisions are made.