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Planning and advice

This is a planning and consulting service provided by IKEA's specialist partners, tailored to your needs.


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Come to your IKEA store or Point, our specialists will help you plan your kitchen.

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Measurement service


It consists of a visit of the recommended collaborator to measure the space and the conditions of the area where the installation will take place.
If you plan to make several measurements, these must be billed separately, including all the complete data of the address in order to perform the service.

This service includes:

  • Taking all measurements of the room, including: water and electrical outlets, smoke outlets, building conditions, type of walls/ceilings and any relevant elements.
  • Photos of the area where the custom kitchen, cabinet or countertop is to be installed.
Cost of service: 40€

Contract the measuring service if you need help

Delivery service


It consists of delivering the new items you have purchased at one of our points of contact, to the destination we have agreed upon.

Cost of service: 30€

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Removal of your old kitchen


It consists of the removal of your used kitchen, at the time of delivery of your new kitchen purchased at IKEA. It will be necessary that the kitchen is disassembled at the time of delivery for removal.

You must ensure that the items are disassembled and ensure that the dimensions allow for removal through the access door or any service area.

As a customer it is your responsibility to ensure that the item is free of pests and boring insects, being this the case we will not be able to perform the removal service.

Once the removal service has been performed you will not be able to claim the items included in it.
If you finally decide not to deliver the item for removal, we will note it on the delivery note and you will be refunded the service when appropriate.

Cost of service: 30€

Kitchen installation


It consists of the installation of the new kitchen items you have purchased in one of our contact points, anchored to the wall or ceiling and following the instructions included in the packaging.

This service includes:

  • Installation of interior accessories, lighting, ceiling closures, module modifications (bottle racks, bandoliers, extractor,...), installation of IKEA appliances.
  • Upper and lower modules whose linear meters will be counted separately.
  • Connection, fixing and sealing material.
  • Second visit for installation of all items in reserve (pre-sale charge).

This service does not include:

  • Cleaning, welding, painting, plumbing/plumbing, electrical, masonry and decoration work.
  • The installation of protective plastic for the interior of the drawers (mat). Installation of trim plugs.
  • Mini kitchens (ÄSPINGE or SUNNERSTA kitchen) which will be invoiced as a furniture assembly service together with the faucet installation service.
  • LYSEKIL panels or similar, which will be considered as complete installation.
  • Appliances NOT IKEA. Remember that if your appliances were not purchased at IKEA and you wish to install them, there will be an additional cost. Gas installation connections or disconnections.
  • Installations in elevations with cement/tile base and/or similar.
  • Application of protective oil on solid wood countertops.
  • Modifications made at the client's home on the final design.
    From 90€ per linear meter, minimum 1 linear meter

Installation of IKEA appliances


It consists of the installation of integrated appliances or not, that you have purchased in one of our points of contact, following the instructions included in the packaging.
You can hire this service when it is not linked to a kitchen installation, and it will be necessary to add a kitchen installer visit to your contract.

This service includes:
  • Connection to the electrical installation (plug socket, preferably prepared with ceramic strip) and to the water connection (supply and drainage), as long as they are properly enabled.
  • Connecting cable up to 1.5 meters.
  • Commissioning of the IKEA appliance.
This service does not include:
  • Gas installation connections or disconnections (hobs, ovens).
  • In the case of combined gas and electric appliances, only the electrical part will be mounted.
  • Handling of NO IKEA doors for paneling.
  • Handling of NON IKEA worktops.
Cost of service: 30€ per unit + 35€ per installer's visit

Installation of pre-cut countertops


It consists of the installation of pre-cut countertops, which you have purchased at one of our contact points, following the instructions included in the packaging. You can contract this service when it is linked to an IKEA kitchen purchase.

This service includes:

  • Cut-outs for hob, sink, taps, as well as the wall trim(s). All necessary complements such as FIXA diffuser barrier, FIXA support hardware.
  • Installation of sink, faucet and IKEA appliances (associated with the pre-cut countertop).

This service does not include: 

  • Cleaning, welding, painting, plumbing, electrical, masonry and decoration work.
From 60€ per linear meter.

Modular kitchen disinstallation


It consists of the uninstallation of a modular kitchen, as long as you have contracted the installation of a kitchen, always in the same place where we will perform the installation service.

We will try to guarantee the condition of the items once they have been disassembled or uninstalled, we will not be responsible for any possible incidents arising in the disassembly / uninstallation.

This service includes:
  • Dismantling and disassembly of modular kitchen and appliances.
This service does not include:
  • Dismantling of made-to-measure worktop or similar (marble, stone, porcelain...), kitchens and masonry or masonry elements, gas hob and heaters.
From 55€ per linear meter.

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