It's ok to change your mind!

That’s why you have 90 days to return your product if you’re not completely satisfied. Return it in its original packaging, unopened, unassembled and unused.

Use your IKEA Family card… and benefit from 120 days to return your purchase!

You must bring the purchase invoice for any changes and returns.

If you don't love your mattress, change it! You have 89 nights after the date of purchase to try your mattress. If you are not comfortable with your mattress, bring it to the store with your receipt and choose a different one that better suits your needs when it comes to sleeping. Beware that no stains or signs of dirt or damage may be present in the mattress.

We're sorry, but  we cannot accept returns of mattress toppers, children's mattresses, pillows and bedding (sheets, pillows, duvets, duvet covers, pillow covers, etc.) used, outside its original package or if the original package has been opened.

We cannot accept returns of fabrics, plants and other products custom purchased (such as, countertops of any material, cut to measure) or purchased in opportunities and exhibition.

Returns or exchanges of defective items will be accepted during the validity period of their guarantee from the date of purchase, being Sarton Canarias S.A. who will take charge of the delivery expenses, to the IKEA store or pick up point.

  • You'll have to contact us through our e-mail or by calling 928 194 532 providing the product information, receipt, and the damage it suffered. Once the information has been received we will show you how to proceed.
  • The refund will be made as soon as possible and in any case, within the 14 business days after the item was returned. The replacement of the item will be, depending on the geographical location, no later than in 10 business days, as long as the item is available right away.
  • The amounts paid for those products returned for damage or faults, provided such damage is real, will be entirely refunded, including the transport expenses.
  • The refund will be effective through the same payment method used to pay for the purchase.
    • IKEA will make exceptions in cases of returns and their corresponding penalties, when the norms previously indicated are not fulfilled.
    • The credits for exceptions are not refundable.
    • Please, consult here information about the IKEA products guarantee policy .

Abandoned and lost products

If IKEA has any abandoned or lost product for thirty (30) days or more, and such product has not been reclaimed, IKEA has the right to dispose of the product.


No frozen or chilled products can be returned.

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