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VALLAMOSSE thermostatic shower faucet
VALLAMOSSE thermostatic shower faucet
VALLAMOSSE thermostatic shower faucet
VALLAMOSSE thermostatic shower faucet
VALLAMOSSE thermostatic shower faucet
VALLAMOSSE thermostatic shower faucet
VALLAMOSSE thermostatic shower faucet
VALLAMOSSE thermostatic shower faucet
VALLAMOSSE thermostatic shower faucet
VALLAMOSSE thermostatic shower faucet
VALLAMOSSE thermostatic shower faucet
VALLAMOSSE thermostatic shower faucet
Thermostatic shower faucet


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Shower tray, 90x90 cm


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Key features

10-year Warranty. Read about the terms in the warranty brochure.

A 100°F safety stop button prevents water from getting too hot and accidentally causing burns. Hotter temperatures can be reached by pressing the override button on the temperature control.

The shower faucet has a “cold touch” feature. Thanks to the anti-scald technology, the surface of the faucet bar never heats up and is always safe to touch.

The built-in shelf on the shower faucet is perfect for all those tall shampoo bottles that are often tricky to store in the shower.

Chrome-plated brass is a hard and durable surface that is easy to clean.


IKEA of Sweden

Good to know

Separate flow and temperature controls.

You can override the safety stop temperature by pressing the override button.

5¾" fixed inlet centers.

Wall fittings included.

The thermostatic faucet is pre-set to a safety stop temperature of 100°F. Since operating conditions in each supply system varies, it might be necessary to calibrate the faucet according to the service and installation instructions.

Recommended hot water temperature: 140°F-149°F.

Recommended cold water temperature: 50°-59°F.

Spare parts are available to prolong the life of your product. For more information, contact IKEA Customer Services at your IKEA store or

Max. temperature hot water system 176°F.

The thermostatic shower faucet can be used in high pressure systems. Tested to manage a pressure of max. 10 bar (1000 kPa). Recommended working pressure: 1.0 - 5.0 bar (100 kPa - 500 kPa).

May be combined with head and hand shower kit or riser rail with hand shower.

Everything you need for a great shower experience

Our shower range offers everything you need for a pleasant shower. The thermostatic shower faucets come with “cold touch”and anti-scald technology. The shower head and hand showers come with different spray functions and a pressure compensating function that reduces water- and energy-use by up to 30%. There is a range of coordinated bathroom accessories that keep all those bottles off the floor. Add to this, a 10-year limited warranty on the thermostatic shower faucets and a 3-year limited warranty on riser rails, hoses, head and hand showers.

Designed with safety in mind

IKEA thermostatic shower faucets have a 100°F safety button that must be deliberately pressed to reach higher temperatures, but will never exceed 115°F – which is safe for human skin. Another smart feature is the “cold touch”, anti-scald technology which ensures that the shower faucets will never heat up or cause burns. Whether the preference is modern or more traditional style, IKEA shower faucets offer a great shower experience with highest safety in mind.


Assembled size

Width:265 mm
Depth:100 mm
Measurement Illustration - VALLAMOSSE thermostatic shower faucet

Package size & weight

Do you take it home? Make sure it fits in your vehicle.

Length: 39 cm
Width: 12 cm
Height: 7 cm
Weight Gross: 1,73 kg
Weight Net: 1,41 kg
Volume per package: 3,1 l

Care instructions

Turn the thermostat from full cold to full hot from time to time.

Check the temperature control on a regular basis, adjust if necessary according to the assembly instructions.

Clean with a soft damp cloth only using water and a mild washing-up detergent or soap. Never use scouring powder, steel wool, a descaling agent or a detergent that is acidic or contains alcohol or an abrasive.

Assembly instructions

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