Sustainable strategies in our stores

Action for a greener future

Sustainability is an even more important topic to society and companies each day. In this sense, at IKEA Canary and Balearic Islands, alongside the Caribbean, we are committed to reduce our carbon footprint. To achieve this goal, we are implementing three specific lines of action that will allow us to make a difference in the protection of the environment.


To achieve our "Climate Positive" commitment for 2030, we are investing in the installation of solar panels and other production plants of renewable energy. The goal is to achieve a 100% of renewable resources in all our value chain.


At IKEA Canary and Balearic Islands we are committed to exclusively adquire renewable energies from our energy suppliers. And we are working arduously to implement this same practice at IKEA Caribbean in the near future.


To guarantee an energetic sustainable use in the premises of our buildings, we apply Business Management Systems, specialized programs that allow us to register and analize the energetic use in a precise way.

A constant search

At IKEA we are committed to create a positive impact on the planet and the people, therefore, we are constantly searching for more sustainable means. At the IKEA Point Tenerife Sur and the IKEA Shop Fuerteventura, we have installed photovoltaic panels that generate the 40% of energy our centers need to function. Regarding the 60% left, at IKEA Canary and Balearic Islands we have negotiated with the distributors to exclusively purchase Green Energy, this means that our centers at the Spanish islands consume renewable energy in their totality. At IKEA Caribbean, we are working to adapt this measure and we are on constant search for new sustainable solutions.

Towards the future

At IKEA Canary, Balearic and Caribbean islands we are always looking to go further and further. We have approved an investment to install solar panels in more stores, warehouses and pick-up points until 2024, as a part of our compromise with the environment and the people. Your daily collaboration helps us build a better future. Together we can make history. Thank you for joining us! 

The (necessary) CO2 reduction

The IKEA commitment of being "Climate Positive" on 2030 is based on the 100% usage of renewable energies. And we are seeing the results in our investment for the installation of renewable energies, with a reduction of more that 240 tons of CO2 in the last 2 years. The installation of photovoltaic panels has contributted to the reduction of 20 additional tons of CO2 from January to May 2022, compared with the period from June to December 2021. We will keep working in the implementation of these measures at IKEA Caribbean to continue reducing our energy use. We are on the right path!

Our sustainability strategy is focused on creating a positive impact on people and the planet.

Sustainability is integrated transversely in the business model of IKEA. Apart from reducing the carbon footprint, that results from IKEA operations, we also want to help the people live in a more sustainable way at their homes.