The bookcase you love, now more practical and stylish

The iconic BILLY bookcase has been our client's favorite for more than 40 years, but we know that even the classics need to adapt to modern times. We got to work and have come up with some exciting proposals. One of them is centered in using the materials efficiently, while the other seeks to make the bookcase easier to assemble and disassemble.

Esier to assemble and disassemble

The BILLY bookcase integrated perfectly to any corner of the house: the living room, the office, the dining room or the library. It can be expanded easily and combines efforlessly with the other furniture. However, there was something we could improve: the assemble and disassemble process.

Now it is easier to disassemble your BILLY bookcase without damaging it, whether it is because you are moving or you want to sell it. These changes have made BILLY an even more adaptable option (able to accompany your for a many, many years). We wouldn't be surprised if you storage legend keeps its popularity for more 40 years, being as loved as it was at the beginning!

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Before, assembling the back panel meant nailing around 50 small nails, but that is a thing of the past. Now, putting the back panels is even simpler, without the need of any tool.

Much more than a new appearance

The new BILLY will say goodbye to the wood veneer and will be covered by a high quality paper sheet, using the latest printing technology to achieve elegant wood expressions.

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A change to change homes. And lives

Thinking of the future of BILLY filled us with inspiration and led us to make another important change in its design with the purpose of increasing its resistance: the assembling! With busy life in the city and the limited spaces a lot of us encounter, making BILLY easy to take along the different stages of life turned into a central element of this new bookcase version. Prepare yourself for a BILLY that adapt to each chapter of your life!

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Less plastic, more charm

The task of reviving BILLY has been like an adventure where the small changes open doors to big improvements. One of these seemingly insignificant changes is the rounding of the borders for a more impecable look that does not only embellish ot, but also reduces the need to use a lot of plastics bands around the bookcase. It's like a trampoline towards the dream to eliminate completely the plastic in BILLY. If we achieve to replace these bands, the majority of the materials used to manufacture the BILLY bookcase would come from renewable resources, reinforcing even more their commitment with sustainability.  A small step, but with big impact!

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