Sustainability through four of our favorites

In a world that is more concerned about sostenibility, choosing products that are respectful with the environment has become a priority. We are going to explore four items that combine functionality and ecologic responsibility, from organic cotton bedding to storage solutions made of recycled materials. Discover how these products can help you embrace a more sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing neither the quality nor the design. Soft textiles, natural materials and practical solutions that contribute with a greener and more aware future. Come with us on this trip to a more responsible use!

Night after night, a sustainable dream

The TÅTELSMYGARE duvet cover has a timeless style in white with a decorative cover in blue. It is made of pure organic cotton with GOTS certificate. The fabric transpires and absorbs the humidness, so you are comfortable at night. Besides, it has a nice touch, it is resistant and can be washed at high temperatures. You will sleep like a baby surrounded by softness of this white bedding. Sweet dreams!

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is a rigurous standard that not only guarantees the quality of the fabric, but also takes into consideration social and ecologic criteria.

Make the most out of the space on your shelf

The VATTENTRÅG stackable box, made of a resistant paper material, is perfect to organize your work stuff or to keep documents, pictures and other memories. You can indicate the content of the box writing on it, since it is made of paper.

Bamboo hangers to keep your clothes fit

The HÖSVANS hangers, light and elegant, will stop your blouses and t-shirts from falling. Besides, each hanger has unique streaks  since they are made with bamboo, a natural material. They have the perfect form to hang blouses, t-shirts, dresses and thin pants. You can now have your clothes well organized in your wardrobe. Bamboo is a lasting and resistant material that withstands daily use for many years.

What is bamboo?

Bamboo is amazing. It grows in groups up to 30 meters! Its stem can be green, yellow, brown or black. The best? Nothing is wasted; all the plant is turned into furniture, and the small parts into beautiful baskets and plates. A versatile and sustainable resource!

Your new kitchen companion. No squatting!

With this SKOLÄST trash can hanged on a door near the sink, you can throw the skins, shells and other residues comfortably, and without having to squat, when you cook or clean. Since the aperture can be located directly under the kitchen countertop, without having the lid hit the side, you will avoid that food leftovers end up on the floor. So small and compact that you can put it directly on the countertop.