For spotless beaches. IKEA Fuerteventura joins the World Beach Day collaborating with AVANFUER

Every third Saturday of September, we immerse in the celebration of the World Beach Day, a date that reminds us the importance of taking care of our marine spaces and the general natural environment. This festivity appeared on 1991 thanks to Ocean Conservancy, inspired by the world campaign of coast cleaning called "International Coastal CleanUp", that mobilizes more than 150 countries in a joined action for the clean up and preservation of our coastlines. Another reason to love and protect our planet!

Transforming homes and lives, in a sustainable way

At IKEA, sustainability is an essential part of our philosophy, and we not only care about the planet, but also about the people that inhabit it. We strive to encourage a healthier and ecological lifestyle, always keep in mind our values and taking into consideration the social impact on the communities in which we operate. We believe in the power people hold to boost a positive and more sustainable change in the world.

FRAKTA bags + Ecological actions: the IKEA Fuerteventura formula

Some months ago, IKEA Fuerteventura collaborated with the ecologist Association AVENFUER providing materials to clean the beaches. Now our beloved FRAKTA bags can be used in their actions! This initiative follows the example of IKEA Mallorca, which also joined the cause of environmental clean up when collaborating with the local organization Protemar and contributing to the clean up of the seabed of Mallorca.

AVANFUER is an ONG born in 2005 at Fuerteventura. Its main goal is to promote volunteering, make the natural and cultural values of the island known and take care of the environment.  it is focused on protecting the territory, the coast and the sea, as well as to preserve the natural and cultural resources of the Fuerteventura Biosphere Rerserve. Besides, it conducts investigations to use this resources in a responsible way, encouraging the sustainable development and the active participation of the community.

111 kilograms less of marine debris!

The 17th of September, celebrating the World Beach Day, we had the first great clean up of the beautiful  beach of Cofete. This activity is part of the ALERTA TORTUGA plan, that included several actions every weekend of September and October at Fuerteventura. On the first clean up of Cofete, the volunteers collected a total of 111 kilograms of marine debris. Thanks to everyone for the incredible effort!

The BLÅVINGAD turtle, special guest of Cofete

As a perfect closing of the day, we made a very special giveaway: one of our adorable BLÅVINGAD turtles, the unexpected friend of the majestic Caretta Caretta, the loggerhead turtle that has chosen Cofete as a refuge to nest.

Did you know that...?
The loggerhead turtle, during spawning season, returns to the beach where it was born to put their eggs. And guess what place it chooses! The Cofete beach! It is a reminder that our actions can make the difference on the protection of these creatures and their unique habitat.