100% committed to sustainable cotton

Since the 1st of September 2015, all the cotton we use for IKEA products comes from more sustainable sources. At IKEA, all the cotton is either recycled or grown with less water and chemicals, while at the same time increasing profit margins for farmers. Choosing sustainable cottons means that you are teaming up with us to improve the quality of life of farmers and their families, from giving them access to safe water to the schooling of their children.

Cotton grown with care to protect what matters to you

Cotton is one of our most important materials. You will see it and feel it in towels, sofas, cushions, sheets, blankets or mattresses made of sustainable cotton, farmed responsibly and friendly with the environment, and with the most sensitive skins too. Because when you take care of the planet, you take care of what really matters to you.

Leading a constant change for cotton


Over a decade ago, IKEA, WWF and other partners, developed the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), an organization aiming to make the use of cotton from more sustainable sources a regular practice, affordable and accessible to everyone.


Like sleeping on clouds

Enjoy bedding made from pure cotton. A breathable material that absorbs moisture and turns softer with every wash. You will rest better because our cotton is friendly to the planet and the people who grow it, and your skin loves it too.


We work for cotton to improve people's lives. Of all people

We develop and encourage a more sustainable way of growing cotton: with less chemicals, less risks for farmers and for the environment. Also, the profits stay with the weaver, the factory and the workers who grow it, ensuring a better future for them and their children.

And of course, water

Water management is key to improve cotton production. We teach our farmers to grow with less water, while also helping areas affected by erosion or drought. This way, we save water that can be used to irrigate other crops, making life in producing countries a little easier.