At IKEA, we are very proud to actively contribute to preserve marine reserves. Our commitment reflects the effort to offer healthy and sustainable food options. Discover the SJÖRAPPORT series, that includes high quality salmon and prawns, obatined thanks to our suppliers committed to protect the environment.

High quality salmon and prawns, guaranteed.

The icy waters of Scandinavia bring us a nutritive and delicious fish. We are proud of offering ASC certified salmon and prawns with the MSC distinctive, guaranteeing that their collection complies with rigurous social and environmental standards. Following the principles of sustainable development, we certify that our fish are protected from diseases, without the use of chemical substances nor antibiotics, thus reducing the local environmental impact.

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At IKEA, we have chosen the MSC and ASC certification systems due to their global recognition and high credibility. These certifications underscore our commitment to sustainable practices in fishing and aquaculture.

MSC certification

certificacion MSC pesca sostenible productos IKEA

The MSC certification for fish and wild seafood assures the responsible management of fishery, guaranteeing the long term sustainability and minimizing the environmental impact. The chain of custody of MSC identifies and maintains the separation of the certified products in each stage of the supply chain.

Certificación ASC

certificado ASC pesca sostenible productos IKEA

All fish and seafood with the ASC tag are traceable to a certified ASC farm, managed responsibly. This certification assures less water pollution, the preservation of the species diversity and wild stocks, the responsible use of feed, right working conditions and commitment with the local community.

Commitment with responsible suppliers

At IKEA, we believe that is essential to choose sustainable suppliers to guarantee high quality food and support their communities at the same time. The ASC and MSC certifications confirm our responsible management of the marine products. Because what it is good for the planet and its inhabitants, is also good for IKEA.

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