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Getting good sleep is important, as is learning good bedtime habits for later in life. So, don´t underestimate a setup that sets divices aside and heps you wind down perhaps with some nice music or a good read.

Anything to make you comfortable

Going from child to teen, it's sometimes hard to let go of old friends. But really, waht's the hurry? Let your favorurite snuggly toy keep its place in your heart and under the bed, just in case.


Dim down to wind down

Good, focused reading light promotes more reading, but if you're more up for relaxing with an audiobokk that well too. Just turn the knob on your wall lamp to set the right mood.

Divice stand close at hand

Watch your screen hands-free with this smart tablet sound too. Or simply use it as premium parking when it's time to say goodnight to your gear.


Starage that grows with you

Making room for your things is making room for your personality. Combine different storage solutions and you will always have somewhere to stick your stuff. With a modular system at the base, it's easy to keep building as you go along.