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We understand that furnishing your first apartment could be a bit daunting. To make it easier for you, we have made a matching bedroom furniture set with a simple and timeless design. With a bit of decoration and some cosy textiles, you can have a complete and stylish bedroom in no time.


A perfect match

When interior decorating is not your thing, GURSKEN matching furniture comes to the rescue. It's an easy – and affordable – way to furnish your bedroom, while bringing visual harmony to the space. This bed frame with headboard, wardrobe and bedside table all have a simple and clean design, and a light beige colour that makes them easy to fit in any type of interior

Drawer organisation made easy

No more cold mornings searching for your favourite pair of socks. Organise your socks, underwear and folded clothes in a chest drawers. With the help of small boxes, you can keep your drawers neat and tidy, making it easier to find exactly what you need.

Your bed's little secret

Did you know that your bed is hiding storage space? The space under your bed is perfect for storing things you don't use often, like extra bedding and seasonal clothes. Make the most of it with a storage case that's easy to grab and easy to hide

Show your style

Add a little flair to your bedroom walls with these versatile wall-mounted shelving units. You can display your favourite objects, books and artwork, so you can go to bed with a smile.

Sleep better with cleaner air

Clean indoor air is important for health and well-being. This air purifier improves the quality of air in your home – and the quality of your sleep – at an affordable price. With its discrete and sleek design, you can hang it on the wall and let it blend in with your interior

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Bedspread, gray, 150x210 cm | 59x83 "


Chair, black


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3-drawer chest, light beige, 69x67 cm


Bed frame with headboard 140 cm, LURÖY slatted bed base, light beige


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Wardrobe, light beige, 49x55x186 cm


Wall shelf, black-brown, 30x26 cm | 11 3/4x10 1/4 "


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Duvet cover for double bed and pillowcase(s), 240x220 cm, 125 threads


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Nightstand, light beige, 39x30 cm | 15 3/8x11 3/4 "


Wall-mounted shelving unit, dark gray, 35x25x35 cm | 13 3/4x9 7/8x13 3/4 "

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