Products that you can recharge, refill and reuse many times can help you to save money in the long run and they can also help to reduce the overall amount of waste that is created.

Recharge up to 500 times!

Switching to rechargeable batteries means that you will never run out of batteries again and you will rarely have to buy new ones. A LADDA battery can be recharged up to 500 times. Have you made the switch yet?
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Did you know?

You can wash and reuse ÖVERMÄTT food covers to cut the waste and cost of one use plastic wrap or foil.

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Refill, reuse, repeat

Rather than speand on takeout coffees and bottles of water, why not prepare your own drinks in a reausable mug or bottle? As well as your expenses, you'll cut down on paper and plastic waste, too.
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A FRAKTA bag for life

FRAKTA the iconic blue bag. The possibilities are endless: shopping, transporting laundry, moving... Easy to clean and therefore more frequent to reuse. And that means plastic bags the waste.
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Shopping bag, large


Rechargeable battery
HR06 AA 1.2V


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Battery charger and 4 batteries
1900mAh, HR06 AA 1.2V


Rechargeable battery
HR03 AAA 1.2V

5/ 4 pack

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Cutting board
bamboo, 31x15 cm | 12 ¼x6 "


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Steel vacuum flask


New lower price
Bottle with stopper
vidrio incoloro, 0.5L
Previous price: 2

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