for your business

Here's an inspiring spot to work from home that makes the most of a small space. With clever storage solutions, a comfortable chair and coordinated furniture, you can have a space that is both stylish and super organised.

Make room for bright ideas (and all your things)

Matching furniture in a lovely grey-turquoise hue amps up the style in your workspace at home. With plenty of drawers, you won't run out space to organise your writing materials and notes.

A comfortable chair for better focus

When you sit better, you work better. What's extra nice about this office chair is that your back gets extra relief from the built-in lumbar support. Just add a floor protector so your floor is happy too.

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Shelves that fit exactly where you need them

Make the most of a narrow wall by creating a customised storage shelf. Here, we cut a TRANHULT shelf in two and combined them with SANDSHULT brackets. Boxes and magazine files keep clutter under control.

Hello, may I speak with cable management?

No more tangled cords while charging. This multi-tasking work lamp charges your phone wirelessly while giving good lighting over your desk. The desk's clever design keeps cables out of sight, for a neat and tidy workspace.



Get things done with love

This versatile pegboard not only organises your papers and folders and reminds you of your to-do's – it can also be an inspiration board. Hang photos and memorabilia that you love, so you can feel inspired throughout the workday.


Let us do the work for you

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