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Are you new to the concept of batchcooking? Don't worry, it's simpler than it seems. It's a way of normalizing and integrating the planning of your weekly menus into your daily routine. Fill your pantry and fridge with quality food and a large dose of organization. It is also essential if you take a lunch box to work everyday. Save time and money. Take note and enjoy!

Make the most of one day… for many days!

With good ideas and planning, you can dedicate a day to prepare the menu for the whole week. Cook big, store your dishes and you will have them immediately available, saving time and money.

High-performance packaging

ISTAD bags are ideal for food preservation as they are reusable thanks to their zipper. They are perfect for freezing green leafy vegetables previously washed, cut and drained. Fresh veggies? Always.


Use the right containers

Discover the KORKEN series of air-tight jars and the IKEA 365+ series of containers, your best allies to organize your food in the pantry, the fridge or the freezer. Functionality and order in sight.


We love your labels

A very practical trick to organize and preserve your food (or weekly menu), is to label it: vegetable stew, chopped onion, macaroni and cheese... you can also write the cooking date, to make sure it's always fresh!

Organize: before, during and after

Keeping your kitchen organized every day is essential to keep chaos away from your pantry and to avoid wasting food! If you make it a daily habit to keep this order, you will find it saves you time and money.

What are you waiting for? Make batchcooking a part of your healthy routine! It fills your kitchen with organization to save time and money, while also making the most of your food, being more sustainable and eating a lot healthier.

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