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Tell us about your lifestyle, we will make your dream kitchen come true!
  • Do you cook your delicacies alone or in company?
  • Do you cook often?
  • What is your favorite style?
  • How much space do you have?
  • Do you have a new home? Are you going to renew your kitchen or complete it?
  • Have you joined recycling?
We make it easier for you with:
  •  Measuring
  •  Delivery
  •  Installation and disassembling
  •  Appliance collection

Remember: Before attending the appointment you need to have the measurements of your kitchen taken (in millimeters). We will be happy to help you if you need!

The 4 steps to your new kitchen

Get inspired

Go to www.islas.ikea.es or see the online catalog here.
Make an appointment
Call 928 194 532 or go to Your Assessor and make an appointment with one of our specialists.
We recommend you to do it in millimeters. And, if you need to, we will be happy to help you.
Save time and let our specialists help you install the kitchen of your dreams.
You haven't made up your mind yet but you know a family member or friend who would like to take advantage of this offer? Bring them to your IKEA Kitchens department and we'll give them your special promotion bonus.
Once they make their purchase, we'll give you a 50€ IKEA purchase voucher! Good deal, right?