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Planning and advice

This is a planning and consulting service provided by IKEA's specialist partners, tailored to your needs.


Virtual Assessor

We’ll get in contact with you to have an online appointment and plan your dream kitchen

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Delivery service


It consists of delivering the new items you have purchased at one of our points of contact, to the destination we have agreed upon.

Cost of service: 30€

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Removal of your old kitchen


It consists of the removal of your used kitchen, at the time of delivery of your new kitchen purchased at IKEA. It will be necessary that the kitchen is disassembled at the time of delivery for removal.

You must ensure that the items are disassembled and ensure that the dimensions allow for removal through the access door or any service area.

As a customer it is your responsibility to ensure that the item is free of pests and boring insects, being this the case we will not be able to perform the removal service.

Once the removal service has been performed you will not be able to claim the items included in it.
If you finally decide not to deliver the item for removal, we will note it on the delivery note and you will be refunded the service when appropriate.

Cost of service: 30€

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