SÖDERHAMN 4-seat sofa with chaiselongue
SÖDERHAMN 4-seat sofa with chaiselongue
SÖDERHAMN 4-seat sofa with chaiselongue
SÖDERHAMN 4-seat sofa with chaiselongue
SÖDERHAMN 4-seat sofa with chaiselongue
SÖDERHAMN 4-seat sofa with chaiselongue
4-seat sofa with chaiselongue, open end Gransel/natural colour


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Coffee table, white


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Floor uplighter/reading lamp, black/white


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Pendant lamp


Armchair, Gransel natural colour


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Pouffe, beige


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Armrest tray, bamboo


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Rug, high pile, 170x230 cm | 5 ' 7 "x7 ' 7 ", white


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Rug, low pile, 170x240 cm | 5 ' 7 "x7 ' 10 ", off-white


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Curtain, pair, beige, 145x300 cm


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Cushion cover, yellow-beige, 40x58 cm | 16x23 "


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Cushion, light beige


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Throw, off-white, 130x170 cm | 51x67 "


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Throw, off-white


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Lint brush, black/light grey


Lint roller refill

3,50 / 4 pack

Lint roller, gray


Key features

If you ever need a larger sofa, you can always add a section or two to your existing combination.

SÖDERHAMN seating series allows you to sit deeply, low and softly with the loose back cushions for extra support.

Light, airy design with high legs and slim lines, yet still a great comfort thanks to the elastic weave in the bottom and high resilience foam in the seat cushions.

The sofa's sections can be used freestanding or combined in different ways to get a size and shape that suits you and your home.

You can create your own perfect combination with the planning tool. Assemble, take apart and put together again until it’s just right.

The removable back cushions give your body support where needed. For example, place several behind your back for a more upright position or use them to make it comfortable when lying down and reading.

The depth of the sofa makes it perfect for relaxing or even taking a nice nap.

You can place the chaise section to the left or right of the sofa, and switch whenever you like.

You can choose to use the sofa with or without armrests, depending on the expression you want to create.

The high legs make it easy to clean the floor under the sofa.

This cover is made of Gransel, a fabric with elements of linen and viscose that add a slight lustre and the threads in different sizes create a natural, vibrant expression.

A loose fit and a long valance sheet down to the floor give your SÖDERHAMN unit a relaxed and inviting look.

10-year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.

The cover is easy to keep clean since it can be machine washed and is easy to take off and put on again.

Package size & weight

Chaise frame SÖDERHAMN
Article no: 002.238.64
Packages: 1
Length: 150 cm
Width: 98 cm
Height: 24 cm
Weight Gross: 32,26 kg
Weight Net: 27,55 kg
Volume per package: 352,8 l

Cover for sofa section SÖDERHAMN
Article no: 105.190.73
Packages: 1
Length: 57 cm
Width: 38 cm
Height: 9 cm
Weight Gross: 5,30 kg
Weight Net: 4,86 kg
Volume per package: 19,5 l

Frame, 3-seat section SÖDERHAMN
Article no: 202.238.82
Packages: 1
Length: 191 cm
Width: 98 cm
Height: 25 cm
Weight Gross: 48,70 kg
Weight Net: 42,73 kg
Volume per package: 468,0 l

Cover for armrest SÖDERHAMN
Article no: 205.190.58
Packages: 1
Length: 40 cm
Width: 28 cm
Height: 2 cm
Weight Gross: 0,56 kg
Weight Net: 0,52 kg
Volume per package: 2,6 l

Chaise cover SÖDERHAMN
Article no: 405.190.62
Packages: 1
Length: 57 cm
Width: 38 cm
Height: 7 cm
Weight Gross: 3,80 kg
Weight Net: 3,43 kg
Volume per package: 14,2 l

Armrest frame SÖDERHAMN
Article no: 802.238.84
Packages: 1
Length: 82 cm
Width: 55 cm
Height: 7 cm
Weight Gross: 5,00 kg
Weight Net: 4,84 kg
Volume per package: 31,6 l

Included products

SÖDERHAMN chaise frame
1x chaise frame, 93x151x83 cm
SÖDERHAMN cover for sofa section
1x cover for sofa section
SÖDERHAMN frame, 3-seat section
1x frame, 3-seat section, 186x99x83 cm
SÖDERHAMN cover for armrest
1x cover for armrest
SÖDERHAMN chaise cover
1x chaise cover
SÖDERHAMN armrest frame
1x armrest frame, 82x6x53 cm

Good to know

This fabric's ability to resist abrasion has been tested to handle 30,000 cycles. A fabric that withstands 15,000 cycles or more is suitable for furniture that should withstand everyday use in the home.

The cover has a lightfastness level of 4 (the ability to resist color fading) on a scale of 1 to 8. According to industry standards, a lightfastness level of 4 or higher is suitable for home use.


Ola Wihlborg

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