PILSKOTT LED floor lamp 700lm 2700k
PILSKOTT LED floor lamp 700lm 2700k
PILSKOTT LED floor lamp 700lm 2700k
PILSKOTT LED floor lamp 700lm 2700k
PILSKOTT LED floor lamp 700lm 2700k
PILSKOTT LED floor lamp 700lm 2700k
PILSKOTT LED floor lamp 700lm 2700k
PILSKOTT LED floor lamp 700lm 2700k
PILSKOTT LED floor lamp 700lm 2700k
LED floor lamp 700lm 2700k, smart black


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GIE 904.781.20
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PILSKOTT floor lamp has a modern graphic shape and a bendable LED strip that creates dynamic light effects. You can also dim it wirelessly with the IKEA Home smart app and TRÅDFRI remote control.
Article no GIE 904.781.20

LED pendant lamp 1000 lm 2700k, smart black


Hub for smart products


3 outlet power strip


4 outlet power strip w/2 USB ports, white


Cable management box with lid, white


Key features

Using LED as a light source means that it not only lasts 20 times longer than an incandescent bulb, but consumes up to 85% less energy.

You can dim your lighting wirelessly and easily adapt the lighting based on activity.

You never have to change light bulbs as this lamp has an LED light bulb built right into it.


Monika Mulder

Good to know

Complete with a wireless dimmer to dim your light source.

Works with IKEA Home smart products.

The included LED light source is replaceable.

Can only be used with IKEA Smart lighting products.

Special waste handling may be required. Please contact your local authorities for more information.

This product bears the CE mark.

Designer Monika Mulder:

"The idea with PILSKOTT lamps was to create dynamic graphic shapes by using a bendable LED strip that gives unexpected light effects. The inspiration for the pendant lamp came from things like an airplane or flash of lightning silhouetted against the sky. With the floor lamp I wanted to combine a slender sculptural silhouette with the feel of a soft rolling wave. The modern minimalist design is also filled with the latest technology. Fantastic light in a contemporary style!”

Package size & weight

Do you take it home? Make sure it fits in your vehicle.

Length: 109 cm
Width: 13 cm
Height: 10 cm
Weight Gross: 4,72 kg
Weight Net: 4,19 kg
Volume per package: 14,9 l

Care instructions

Wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.

Wipe dry with a clean cloth.


Special waste handling may be required. Please contact your local authorities for more information.

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