ODENSVIK/GODMORGON bathroom furniture, set of 5
ODENSVIK/GODMORGON bathroom furniture, set of 5
ODENSVIK/GODMORGON bathroom furniture, set of 5
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Bathroom furniture, set of 5 , high-gloss white/Brogrund tap

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Key features

Smooth, durable and easy-to-clean ceramic sink with space for toothbrushes, soap dispenser and other smaller things on the wide edges.

Great value for money and guaranteed to outlast at least 10 years of everyday use. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.

The clean and simple expression is easy to combine with other furniture in the room.

Your bathroom always feels fresh as the high gloss finish reflects the light and adds sparkle to the room.

The deep bottom drawer has space for larger things like towels and hairdryer. The top drawer is suitable for smaller items like brushes, creams, sprays and accessories.

The drawers are protected from water damage thanks to a smart production technique. Foil is wrapped vertically around the particleboard so there are no unprotected edges where water can penetrate.

The smooth-running drawers with pull-out stop, open all the way for a good overview without falling out.

You can sense the calm every time you close the drawers thanks to the soft-closing mechanism. No worries about fingers getting trapped.

You can make good use of the space inside the drawers thanks to the smart design of the water trap that leads the piping into the far back of the cabinet.

The simple construction makes the drawers easy to assemble.

You save water and energy every time you lift the lever of the faucet thanks to the aerator device that prevents unnecessary use of water.

The mirror cabinet makes good use of your wall space, putting things you use often within easy reach. The mirrors have a safety film to prevent glass shattering and causing damage.

Integrated lighting in the mirror cabinet gives you the extra light you need for a close shave or to put on make-up.

The high cabinet provides ample storage space without taking up any floor space. The soft-closing door allows you to start the day with a pleasant sense of calm.

Assembled size

Width:83 cm
sink cabinet width:60 cm
Depth:49 cm
Height:89 cm

Package size & weight

Bathroom wall cabinet with mirrored doors and integrated lighting STORJORM
Article no: 202.481.23
Packages: 2
package 1
Length: 100 cm
Width: 47 cm
Height: 5 cm
Weight Gross: 16,70 kg
Weight Net: 15,94 kg
Volume per package: 23,3 l
package 2
Length: 99 cm
Width: 14 cm
Height: 10 cm
Weight Gross: 11,22 kg
Weight Net: 10,35 kg
Volume per package: 13,6 l

Sink cabinet with 2 drawers GODMORGON
Article no: 301.809.95
Packages: 1
Length: 87 cm
Width: 58 cm
Height: 12 cm
Weight Gross: 27,40 kg
Weight Net: 26,21 kg
Volume per package: 59,0 l

Article no: 401.808.05
Packages: 1
Length: 87 cm
Width: 55 cm
Height: 19 cm
Weight Gross: 23,80 kg
Weight Net: 21,59 kg
Volume per package: 89,9 l

Bath faucet with strainer BROGRUND
Article no: 603.430.81
Packages: 1
Length: 36 cm
Width: 21 cm
Height: 8 cm
Weight Gross: 1,68 kg
Weight Net: 1,29 kg
Volume per package: 6,1 l

High cabinet GODMORGON
Article no: 803.440.65
Packages: 2
package 1
Length: 197 cm
Width: 40 cm
Height: 5 cm
Weight Gross: 22,00 kg
Weight Net: 20,54 kg
Volume per package: 37,4 l
package 2
Length: 197 cm
Width: 43 cm
Height: 5 cm
Weight Gross: 17,62 kg
Weight Net: 15,80 kg
Volume per package: 40,8 l

Care instructions

Wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.

Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Wet marks should always be dried off as soon as possible to stop moisture penetration.

Do not use scouring powder, steel wool, hard or sharp tools which can scratch the surface of the sink.

Included products

STORJORM bathroom wall cabinet with mirrored doors and integrated lighting
1x bathroom wall cabinet with mirrored doors and integrated lighting, 80x14x96 cm
GODMORGON sink cabinet with 2 drawers
1x sink cabinet with 2 drawers, 80x47x58 cm
1x sink, 83x49x6 cm
BROGRUND bath faucet with strainer
1x bath faucet with strainer, 17 cm
GODMORGON high cabinet
1x high cabinet, 40x32x192 cm

Good to know

Handles included.

Faucet is included.

Strainer and water-trap included.

Includes: 1 sink cabinet with 2 drawers (W31½ x D18½ x H22⅞"), 1 sink (W32½ x D19¼ x H2⅜"), 1 faucet (H6¾"), 1 mirror cabinet with 2 doors (W31½ x D5½ x H37⅞") and 1 high cabinet with door (W15¾ x D12⅝ x H75⅝").

Two people are needed to assemble this furniture.

Secure that the material in your bathroom walls can support the weight of the furniture. If you are uncertain about the installation, contact a professional.

The sink is resistant to most chemicals, except for strong acids and strong alkalis.

Please note that the sink may be up to ¾" wider than the sink cabinet to protect it from water leakage.

GODMORGON legs are sold separately.


IKEA of Sweden/Magnus Elebäck/H Preutz/N Karlsson/Henrik Preutz

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