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Who said ‘stuck in the city’? Stuck is a mindset, and mood can set your mind. Even when your only piece of outside space is your favourite bench in the local park, there’s still a way to bring that atmosphere home with you. Get creative with what you see, what you breathe and where you sit at home, and you might just find a little place of your own to unwind, right there in your own home.

Find a quiet place to sit

Creating that spot to unwind in the home is about bringing greenery into your space, just like your favourite park, and also bringing a relaxing and casual seating option, like the INGMARSÖ bench.

Simple, affordable updates

Creating a harmonious space is about attending to all your senses. This can be achieved in simple, affordable ways such as with natural textiles or in the softly vanilla-scented LUGGA block candle collection, designed in shades of the same colour so they can be arranged together for a balanced impression.

Plus smart curtains

Clean tech doesn’t have to be complicated. The GUNRID air purifying curtain has a mineral-based coating that purifies your indoor air without using electric or filter systems. It reacts to natural light, breaking down pollutants such as acetaldehyde, cleaning your home from the inside out.

And breathe...

The air we breathe, both inside and outside our homes, often contains more pollutants than we realise. The FÖRNUFTIG air purifier is a simple, versatile solution for even the smallest spaces. This plug-in device purifies air of odours, dust, smoke, pollen and chemicals. See more home electronics

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Rug, flatwoven, 200x300 cm | 6 ' 7 "x9 ' 10 ", natural


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Rug, flatwoven, 160x230 cm | 5 ' 3 "x7 ' 7 ", natural


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Box, pine, 46x31x25 cm | 18x12 ¼x9 ¾ "


Self-watering plant pot, 32 cm | 12 ½ ", white


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Artificial potted plant, 23 cm | 9 ", indoor/outdoor bamboo


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Filter for particle removal


Armchair, rattan/white


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Filter for gas cleaning