Create a sociable cooking space

More and more people are planning their appliances at the start of the kitchen design process. IKEA appliances are design to fit perfectly with IKEA kitchens both in style and size. Combining them will allow you to create a dream space. If you cook together, having the oven and hob in separate places makes it easier.

Improve your kitchen’s atmosphere

Talking, listening to music or simply enjoying the silence as you cook… whatever you prefer! Choose a quiet fridge, microwave and dishwasher that do not spoil your kitchen’s atmosphere.

Let’s talk design

The design of our appliances should not be a last minute idea, there is no need for everything to be the same. Nowadays we want more from our appliances, we want them to be totally integrated into the kitchen, or to be superstars in terms of aesthetics. With a range of striking designs and colors, why not make your own style statement?

Add tactile details

When it comes to kitchen devices, small details can make a big difference, such as the feel of control knob or handle. At IKEA we design our appliances so they feel good when you use them. “They are quite heavy in the hand, signaling quality and making you feel proud to own them”, says Bruno.

Your kitchen at IKEA is another story

25-year warranty

Because the proof is in the pudding, our kitchens have a 25-year warranty.

All the inspiration you need!

Did you know that it is possible to enjoy cooking if you do it in your ideal kitchen?

Kitchen services

Did you know that with our services you can have the kitchen of your dreams? See what we can do for you.

The best financing for your dreams!

Pay for your kitchen before you know it with financing conditions that suit you.