for your business

Times are changing, and working from home has become a necessary alternative. Now, with IKEA, creating a space that combines work, rest and storage is possible. With practical, flexible furniture that adapts to your needs you can work hard, and when you’re done, get comfortable to live big.

Storage space for your business

Your small business may require lots of storage space. Don’t worry, with IVAR wardrobes you’ll find all the solutions you need. Also, our LIDKULLEN stool is perfect for changing posture while working, as it allows you to stand or sit.

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A place to work and unwind

Do you want open storage to see everything at first glance and a comfortable armchair to relax while you do the finishing touches? KALLAX shelf units adapt to your space, with adjustable shelves and interior organizers that fit your needs perfectly. And, of course, we have veeeery comfortable armchairs too.

Light up your workspace

We know that sometimes you need to work until late. So, as soon as the sun sets, turn on the lights of your small big home office. At IKEA you’ll find lighting solutions for all types of needs. Adjustable spotlights such as TERTIAL, perfect for lighting up right where you need it, table lamps, wireless chargers and LED bulbs.

Sometimes, a small detail can make all the difference. With BLECKA hooks, for example, you can hang bags and accessories on the wall, freeing up your workspace for what really matters.
Trolleys on casters are the perfect solution if you’re looking for flexible storage that takes up little space. You can move them around the office easily, hide them under the table when you don’t need them or use them as a coffee table while you take a well-deserved break.

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