for your business

When everything is in place, the meeting room becomes a more spacious, brighter place where creativity flows naturally. Make the most of your workspace with flexible and functional furniture, such as chests of drawers on castors that can also be used as a table.

We want to help you do the job

We are specialists in offering you smart solutions that will help you turn your office into a more comfortable and beautiful place. For example, desks adjustable in height are perfect, as they adapt to the needs of each worker. Also, our ergonomic swivel chairs have an adjustable backrest and are as comfortable as they look.

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Work as you like

BEKANT desks are perfect for any type of space. Some are adjustable in height so you can work standing if you want, and they all have been tested for office use. We are so sure of their durability that most of them have a 10-year warranty.

Never out of battery

Our NORDMÄRKE wireless chargers allow you to charge up to three mobiles at the same time. This way, when you need to use them, nobody will run out battery.

Time to relax

We are going to make everyone feel like home. With our hanging storage solutions, each person can customize their own space so coffee breaks will be more fun.

A showcase that matches your work

Your professional office is more than the place where your ideas flow freely. It’s also your covering letter, the place where your customers get a positive first impression of you. This is why we want to help you decorate it in detail with our storage solutions, chairs, tables and open cabinets. Welcome to the office of the future: yours.

 The range featured has been approved for professional use.

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If you need help to finance your dreams, or if you just need a helping hand for assembling it.

Parcel Delivery

Buy as many items as you want with the parcel symbol and receive them at home.

Delivery service

The majority of our items are packaged flat to facilitate transportation and for you to be able to take them home easily. If u prefer, we can take it home.