My stuff versus your stuff – A sibling study

When sharing a room, there are ways to make it even more fun, equal and personalised. Take a look at how we've furnished a sibling room with creative studying, sleeping and storage solutions.


Sitting together but apart

It’s important to get some peace to focus, especially when sharing a study space. A desktop divider may be just the thing to create a private zone. With inside compartments, you can add to-do notes and favourite drawings, away from everyone's sight.


One study, double fun

Why not create one large study space? It's more fun sitting together! Build each desk by putting together a favourite combination of trestles and table tops. With a wide range of colours and styles, you can find matching chairs too.


Lines, dots and everything in order!

Add some funky containers to your desk like the PLUGGLAND storage boxes that help keep pencils, erasers and other desk accessories in order while adding color and personality to your study moments.


Soft times together

When homework is done, it’s great having a cosy bed to retreat to for relaxation and down-time. With a fun quilt cover in soft sustainably grown cotton, the bed becomes even more inviting!


For smooth mornings and dress-up fun

Children love to have a mirror in their room, and even better when the mirror also has smart storage for small things and phones. Keep clothes storage and accessories nearby and within easy reach, so mornings can run smoothly.


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