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The beauty of a small office is that you can really make it your own. It’s your space where you can express your personality and be inspired to get on with your best work - even if you share with someone who is your polar opposite.  


Enjoy comfort while you work with the JÄRVFJÄLLET chair. It comes in a range of finishes so is an easy way to add colour to your workspace. Organise papers and documents with the ALGOT system by simply adding shelves to suit your needs - now and as they change.


Work chair with armrests

Wall lamp

Sitting/standing desk

Wheeled storage

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Flexible storage furniture can help to keep clutter down in small spaces. This modern BEKANT storage cabinet is document organiser, handy shelf and spare chair all in one. Add a ROTHULT keyless smart lock to help keep office essentials secure.


The white mesh of the BEKANT shelving unit creates a light, open look. With adjustable shelves dimensioned to fit IKEA storage boxes, there's space for all your essentials. The hook on its side is useful for keeping things like headphones handy.

Shelf unit

Work chair with armrests

Wheeled storage

Sitting/pie support

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