You spend more and more time in the bedroom of your shared apartment, student residence or even of your family home, right? It’s what we call a ‘360º’ space. Why? Because it turns into a place to rest, work or focus, and even have fun with friends and classmates. Everything goes on in there!

And, as you spend so much time there, what if we give you some ideas to decorate it so you feel completely comfortable? Don’t miss these tips!

A bed to sleep or hang out

Is there a better way to relax after a busy day than to simply disconnect in your bedroom alone or hang out with your friends?

If you can choose your bed, we recommend that you choose an extendable bed or one with an underbed, such as SLÄKT. This way, you’ll have enough room to sleep soundly all night long and you can also easily have friends sleeping over. Also, when you spread out the bed you can use it as a sofa where to sit and chat with your friends. It’s a 2x1!


Play with textiles to decorate


Here’s how. The bed is going to be the heart of the room, so choose a duvet cover that you really like and that could look good in your bedroom. For example, we have chosen the LYKTFIBBLA duvet cover and pillowcase because it has a fun print (by the London designer Hannah Wilcox) and because, as comes in shades of white and gray, it will match almost anything.

Mix different patterns

Don’t be afraid and use textiles in a fun way! You’ll see what original and fun combinations can come up. There’s no such thing as clashes when it comes to patterns (or at least it’s very subjective). Also, this way, you’ll not only make it more welcoming, but you’ll also transform it in the time it takes to change the pillowcase. Easy and beautiful!

Don't miss good music

We love listening to music! And we always want to play a soundtrack to every moment of our lives, both if it’s to celebrate happy times full of energy to dance, sing and jump, as in more calm moments, even with some nostalgia.

Both if you want to enjoy it alone or in company, make room in your bedroom for a speaker. If it has Bluetooth connection, even better! This way you won’t have to worry about wires. For example, our ENEBY Bluetooth speaker is super comfortable, because you can place it where you want to enjoy a clean and strong sound. You only have to connect it to any Bluetooth device and play your favorite songs. As it’s portable, it’s also very easy to carry wherever you go.


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