We at IKEA belive that play is an essential part of everyday life! It fosters creativity, relieves stress and helps bring people together. But we know adults and children often approach play very differently. Kids like to scatter things all over the floor, and for adults, play feels a bit disorderly. But this clutter is part of the play, and the child’s inner story keeps going even when they aren’t playing – their imagination is endless. We want to remove these barriers and enable more play around the world.

Let’s give kids the space to grow – and the room to just be kids

At IKEA, we have always had a special focus on children and small space living. The LEGO Group is well-known for inspiring and developing children around the world through play. Together, we want to create more space in the home for play, and combine our passions and knowledge into one exciting collaboration.

BYGGLEK is much more than a box

The result is BYGGLEK, a range of fun storage solutions that create more room for play in the everyday. Many of us have our own stories of playing with LEGO ® bricks. BYGGLEK allows kids – and adults – to escape into their own stories. And when it’s time to clean up, their creative worlds don’t have to be taken apart. The boxes can be displayed, storing stories for later. The creativity continues, and it’s easy to pick up the play again and again.

“You can build from the inside or outside ... Can’t wait to see what people come up with.”

Andreas Fredriksson - Designer at IKEA


“No instructions needed. A five-year-old can put together the box themselves.”

Rasmus Buch Løgstrup - Designer at the LEGO Group


Play. Display. Replay.

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LEGO® box with lid


LEGO® box with lid , white


LEGO® box with lid, set of 3 , white


201-piece LEGO® brick set