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With the new year comes new resolutions - make tidying up your bedroom one of them! Because at IKEA we know that tidying up is a job that can be a lot of fun if you have the right solutions; and it's an opportunity to show love for your bedroom, your favorite objects, your clothes, your privacy and harmony.


A solution? Inspiration!

We know that tidiness is much more than a specific product, such as a gorgeous MALM 3-drawer dresser. It's about finding organizational solutions that allow you to keep your bedroom tidy for much, much longer, which is why inspiration is essential! Consider your tidying priorities: are you more of a T-shirt wearer and would like to store them folded? Or are you more of a shirt wearer and need to store them on hangers? Do you love scarves? Do you have a lot of accessories? Visit your IKEA store and get inspired, there's a solution just for you! 


New year, new closet?

When you open your closet each morning, do you find a chaos of piles of sweaters and T-shirts dancing around? Maybe it's time to get a new closet with more storage capacity. Or maybe it's just a matter of organizing the one you already have with solutions that suit your needs.


SKUBB is organization

It is the ideal storage accessory series for your bedroom, in the form of boxes for clothes and shoes, hanging storage, bags, boxes with compartments.... everything you need to tidy up!

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