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A large part of all office work is centered around the individual workspace. Making it ergonomic is vital, but what other factors matter? For inspiration and assistance, here’s a guide to a well-planned, inviting, affordable set-up. Since the solution is also scalable, it’s equally useful for start-ups and already booming businesses.

Be kind to your back

It’s not without reason that office work is said to be a sitting job. Regardless of your line of work, staying seated for long periods deserves a good chair. Like a HATTEFJÄLL office chair. Easily adjustable and with excellent support. All done in a timeless style that goes well with just about any interior.
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Simplify coming and going

Whether your office has fixed spaces or is adapted to hybrid work, everyone gains from hassle-free docking. A cable management box keeps the desktop clean and the cables hidden. Another shortcut to focused work, EILIF screens help to minimize noise and visible distractions (while doubling as noticeboards).
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Set the right lighting for a good day’s work

Proper working light – like the blue-enriched white kind from a NYMÅNE work lamp – stimulates your brain, alertness and performance. Then again, sometimes you need less light. Access to daylight is a boon, especially when filtered through green leaves, but complement with a blind to filter sharp sunlight.
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Find a desk to both sit and stand by

A truly ergonomic workspace is one that allows you to alternate body positions, in particular between seated and standing. That way, a desk with adjustable height can help with both well-being and productivity. When upright, a FREIVID standing mat can relieve pressure on your knees and back.
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Have a tool for every task handy

A desk organizer is a super simple way to keep the things you need in order. And accessible, and visible. Having your go-to accessories collected also adds flexibility – it’s easy to take them with you whenever mobility counts.
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