DUKTIG 3-piece tea playset
DUKTIG 3-piece tea playset
DUKTIG 3-piece tea playset
DUKTIG 3-piece tea playset
DUKTIG 3-piece tea playset
DUKTIG 3-piece tea playset
DUKTIG 3-piece tea playset
DUKTIG 3-piece tea playset
DUKTIG 3-piece tea playset
DUKTIG 3-piece tea playset
3-piece tea playset, mixed colours


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With this set, your child can invite their soft toys to a tea party. The parts are easy to grip for small hands, have removable lids and are approved for food contact. Maybe you’ll get an invitation too?
Article no NGK 204.999.89

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Key features

Helps the child develop fine motor skills and hand/eye co-ordination.

An ideal gift for children who like role-playing games – and tea.

Encourages role play which helps children to develop social skills by imitating grown-ups and inventing their own roles.

Every little part of this ceramic set is made with care and has no sharp edges – perfect to play with.


Jennifer Idrizi

Good to know

Includes: 1 teapot, 1 sugar bowl and 1 milk pitcher in pastel colors.

WARNING! Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Toy made of breakable material - Risk for small pieces and sharp edges.

Recommended for children 3 years and older.

This product bears the CE mark.

The teapot holds about 3.7 oz.

In the DUKTIG series, there is everything that a little chef needs to succeed in the kitchen.

Just like your porcelain. Only a little smaller.

Role playing helps develop a child's social skills. Having the same things as adults makes play even more educational and fun. That’s why the teapot, cups and bowls in the DUKTIG series are in ceramic. Play gradually teaches your child to handle their new porcelain, so it’s important that you are with them at the start. But not to worry, we have minimized the risks by performing risk assessments and adhering to the strictest safety standards. Safety is always our top priority.

Package size & weight

Do you take it home? Make sure it fits in your vehicle.

Length: 16 cm
Width: 11 cm
Height: 6 cm
Weight Gross: 0,43 kg
Weight Net: 0,37 kg
Volume per package: 1,1 l

Care instructions

Wipe clean with a damp cloth.


Not microwave-safe.

Wash before and after use.

Low prices
At IKEA we make sure that our items are functional, beautiful, affordable and of quality. Furthermore, we guarantee that its manufacturing involves using sustainable materials, taking care of the people involved in production, and also the planet! Thanks to solutions that range from packaging in flat packs to a design that makes a pleasant first impression and defines its use at a glance, we create versatile products that solve everyday problems at home, with order, space, comfort. This is the essence of our IKEA range.
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