Having a little person join the ranks of your household shouldn’t have to mean a major overhaul of your furnishings. In this home, a rethink of the placement and use of their storage was all it took to make their home a safer, better organised and more accessible space for everyone, big and small.

A hallway to hang one’s hat


The hallway is so often an underutilised area. Not in this home! A long, narrow space, they’ve invested in slimmer, wall-mounted shoe storage and hooks and rails. Higher rails are used for the coats, scarves and bags of the adults, while a little lower rail gives their toddler a reachable place of her own.


Hallway ideas for one last look


Heading out the door with a little one in tow can be a challenge. While you can’t control the whims of a child, you can control where you store your things. Here, a dedicated hallway drawer for keys, sunglasses and gloves and a well-lit, full-length mirror shaves off a few minutes of early morning scramble.

Clothing storage for all ages


Baby’s clothes are organised and folded neatly away in a chest of drawers, making changing time much less of a chore. For the grownups, a folding door wardrobe with shelves and rails saves on space and a smaller wall-mounted cabinet keeps documents and personal items out of the way and well organised.


Storage for the food focused


Even in a smaller kitchen, they’ve made good use of all potential storage spots above, below and atop the counter. A worktop with a barstool surrounded by enticing recipe books creates an area for many activities, from a moment of respite to paging through for something new and delicious for dinner.


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Shoe/storage cabinet
white, 52x18x39 cm | 20 1/2x7 1/8x15 3/8 "

29/ 2 pack

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Work lamp
Previous price: 16

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Rug, flatwoven
natural, 200x300 cm | 6 ' 7 "x9 ' 10 "


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Jar with lid
clear glass, 1.9L


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4-drawer chest


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Base cb 3 frnts/2 low/1 md/1 hi drw


Glass door
white wood effect, 30x60 cm


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Cabinet with 2 drawers
dark gray, 35x35x35 cm | 13 3/4x13 3/4x13 3/4 "
Previous price: 55

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Glass-door cabinet with 3 drawers
white stain/light brown, 90x197 cm | 35 3/8x77 1/2 "


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Bar stool
black, 63-74 cm | 24 3/4-29 1/8 "
Previous price: 45
2 bi-folding doors, white, 121x211 cm


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black mineral effect/laminate, 186x3.8 cm


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Wall-mounted shelving unit
white, 70x35x70 cm | 27 1/2x13 3/4x27 1/2 "
Previous price: 90

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Vissle beige


clear glass, 30 cl | 10 oz


52x140 cm, black


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