When the days grow shorter and cooler, it’s time to treat yourself to a spa day. Light your favourite scented candles, make a cup of tea, run a warm bath, and turn on some mellow music – don’t forget your “do not disturb” sign.


Take time for yourself

Autumn days can be damp and chilly. Weekdays can be hectic with so many items to tick off on ever-growing to-do lists. Transform your bathroom into a home spa and allow yourself some time to unwind. You deserve it.

Reconnect with your senses

This time of year, everyday mood boosters are always a plus. These can be as simple as scented candles and refreshing plants like eucalyptus to help you relax. As you settle into your spa day at home, close your eyes and breathe in the heavenly scents.


Treat yourself to me-time

One of the best things about a spa day is how relaxing it can be. Wrap your hair with a TRÄTTEN towel wrap, and enjoy a cup of your favourite tea. Forget the items on your to-do list. This is all about indulging yourself in the art of doing absolutely nothing.


Your do-it-yourself spa kit

With your own personal spa kit, you can pamper yourself every day. All you need are a few items - some you may already have at home. The rest we can help you with. Book a little time for yourself and enjoy.

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Vase/candle holder, clear glass


Mug, gray


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Tea infuser, stainless steel


Chopping board, beech


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Mirror, stainless steel


Bathrobe S/M, gray


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