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What shape matches your space better?

Make the most of the space by matching shelves, rails and drawers.


You are in luck, because you are going the make the most of every last centimeter.

It is also perfect for a shared space:
“One wall for you, one wall for me”.


It seems like a dream, but with PAX you can make it happen. Plenty of space for all your dresses, shoes and bags.

You could share it, but it is not a must.

What type of doors do you like?
Hinged doors

If you have enough space, we recommend hinged doors. When open, you will have a full view of the interior.
When closed, they protect your clothes from dust and give you privacy

Sliding doors

They are the best option if you have little space available.

Match different styles and create your own design: wood, white, mirror...

No doors

Arrange your clothes by color and show them off.

Without doors, you will see everything at once and you will no longer have excuses not to wear that shirt you got as a Christmas gift.

Clothes or looooots of clothes? How much wardrobe space do you have?
Less than 3 meters

Do not worry, because with PAX, a couple meters go a long way.

Choose the frame that matches your space and complete your wardrobe with the right organization accessories.

Between 3 and 5 meters

Create your own combination by joining the frames you need together.

Divide your wardrobe according to all the clothes you have. Yes, your coats will fit too.

More than 5 meters

We are not just going to design a wardrobe, but a dream come true.

Choose as many frames as you want, mix and match them, leave some room for an armchair and complete it with LED lighting.

PAX has two heights. Can you reach the top boxes?
Frames of 201 cm.

If you prefer having space sideways rather than upwards, PAX frames of 201cm are perfect for you.

Frames of 236 cm.

With PAX frames of 236cm you will save space near the ceiling and always have room for those handy boxes. And if you cannot reach them, do not worry, a stool or a stepladder is the solution.

The depth of your PAX. Hangers, front or side?
Depth of 35cm

If you choose a solution with a depth of 35cm, you will save space in the room and, by fronting hangers, you will have lots of space for your shirts.

Depth of 58cm.

Gain depth so you can place hangers on their side and see all your shirts, dresses or jackets at a glance. You will also have plenty of room in the drawers and shelves.

We are almost done! We just need a few details to make the appointment

Is there any other detail we should know?

Tell us about your storage needs (e.g.: I need a wardrobe to store lots of shoes)

Thank you!

We will contact you very soon to make an appointment and design your PAX wardrobe
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