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How to shop online in IKEA Menorca

Buying online is very easy!


Discover how to get inspired and shop online in a quick and easy way. All of our items are at your fingertips with just one click.

Shop online or through IKEA Inspire.

Steps to shop online at IKEA Menorca


Browse through

You'll find all our range. Thousands of items in different colours and sizes so you get inspired and choose the one you like best.


Add them to your shopping cart

Choose the items you want to buy and add as many as you like to your shopping cart.


Register and choose how to receive your purchase

When you're ready, click on the “make purchase” button. Register filling out a brief form, you can choose if you want to receive your purchase home or pick it up yourself at your IKEA store or point.


Parcel service with home delivery for your online orders of accessories and small items.

More information.

Come to you IKEA store or point to pick up your purchase for free. We will inform you by email and SMS.


Payment method

Choose the payment method you prefer. You can choose between paying with a bank card , Paypal , finance your purchase with IKEA FAMILY MASTERCARD or through Teleordering.



  • Is the online shopping service available?
    At the moment, our online shopping service remains available. Please, take into account that some deliveries can suffer delays due to the particularities of the situation. We hope to get back to normal soon.


  • By what external service is my order going to be delivered?
    We've been working with delivery and logistics companies for years and they're adapting to the circumstances everyday. They're giving their best to ensure, as far as possible, a service that is adequate for our customers, without compromising their own safety or that of our employees, collaborators and customers.
  • IKEA stores and points are open with controlled capacity, will this affect my order? If I make an online order, how long do they take to deliver my goods?
    We work so that you can continue shopping online and receive your purchase in two weeks. We may suffer delays in deliveries.
  • If I make my order online, how long do they take to bring the order?
    We find ourselves at a critical time and we want to avoid the saturation of the transport services. The delivery time is being between 2 and 5 days. The delivery service will get in contact with you before. We hope to get back to normal soon.
  • Are carriers following precautionary measures against the coronavirus? Is it safe that they come to make the delivery at my home?
    Health and safety is one of IKEA's priorities. We take all the precautionary measures, for this reason, during the health crisis, our carriers leave the purchases at the doorstep to ensure the safety of our collaborators and customers. We hope to get back to normal soon.
  • Is the installation and assembly service available?
    Yes, installation and assembly services are available taking all precautions and safety measures.


  • Can I pick up my online order at the store?
    Yes, you can buy online and pick up totally free. Check the delivery times here.


  • I want to cancel my order.
    Any customer will be able to cancel an order without any problem, as long as the products are inside their original packaging and with the purchase receipt, before 90 days. Once the alert period is over we'll carry out their return at the store or IKEA point.


  • The return period expires while the store remains closed.
    We're going to extend the return period 30 days for purchases made from the 22nd of December. Once the alert period is over we'll process their return individually at the store or IKEA point.
  • ¿Qué ocurre si lo que he pedido no hay stock y viene de otro País bloqueado?
    If there is no stock the order cannot be made, so you won't find yourself in this situation.


  • I have a voucher and it's going to expire during the period when stores and points are closed. What can I do?
    Due to the circumstances that we're living these days, all purchase vouchers that expire until the 30th of April, as well as all the vouchers generated until the 19th of April, can be used until the 31st of August.

    You can use your voucher online and request home delivery.



  • Are the prices in the Punto IKEA the same than in an IKEA store?
    Yes. The prices in the Puntos are the same than in your IKEA store.
  • Can I benefit from the promotions I've seen in the store?
    Yes. All promotions are available both for the Pick up Points and the stores.
  • Can I buy at the IKEA point?
    Yes. You can buy through the Online Shopper, some screens located inside the IKEA Point from which you can see all our range, make a shopping list and, of course, shop. Also, our co-workers will be pleased to help you make your purchase.


  • When can I pick up my order?
    You can choose between home delivery or free pick up at your IKEA Point. If you choose picking up at the IKEA Point, your purchase will be ready in 24-72 hours. If you choose home delivery, it will depend on the delivery area. You can check rates and delivery dates here.
  • How can I know the status of my order?
    You can check the state of your purchase by clicking on the "Log in" button at the top of the main page of our website (indicate url depending on island) Then access My account > My orders. Also, we'll be informing you about the whole process through SMS and email. If you prefer, or you need any additional information, get in contact with customer service through the phone: 902 777 777 or through the online personal assistant
  • Can I add items to a order that I have already placed?
    No es posible añadir artículos a un pedido ya realizado. Pero puedes realizar tantos pedidos como quieras.
  • Can I request services with my order?
    Yes, you can request as many services as you need. You have at your disposal transport, assembling, measuring and kitchen installation services. here here to see more rates. Once you finish your online shopping, we’ll call you to specify the details of the services requested and make the payment. If by the contrary, you make your purchase with the help a collaborator's help, the collaborator will manage the services you may need.
  • How can I contact IKEA for consulting details about my order?
    We are available from 10:00 to 22:00 hours through your personal web shopper or calling 902 777 777 or in the contact section
  • Who stores my personal information?
    En cumplimiento de la Ley Orgánica 3/2018 del 5 de Diciembre de Protección de Datos y garantía de los derechos digitales, te informamos que los datos personales que nos aportas serán objeto de tratamiento en un fichero responsabilidad de SARTON CANARIAS S.A., VENTAJA EUROPA S.A e INSIDE LOGISTICS S.L. (en adelante grupo IKEA) cuyas finalidades son: el desarrollo, cumplimiento y ejecución del contrato de compraventa de los productos que has adquirido o de cualquier otro contrato de servicios entre ambos.
  • What is the guarantee of the products?
    IKEA’s items have up to 25 years guarantee. Click here for more information.


  • What payment methods are available for online purchases?

    Card payment: This option allows you to close the process of the online shopping, we use a payment server from La Caixa so all the transactions will be done under a safe connection. You will be able to purchase with the credit or debit card you wish, Visa, MasterCard, 4B, Euro 6000, Maestro Spanish, IKEA FAMILY.

    By phone: You can choose between your IKEA FAMILY Card or others. In this case, our Teleordering department will get in contact with you to formalise the purchase, coordinate your delivery and inform you about the state of your order.

    Bank transfer: You can request a bank transfer, asking for the payment through our Teleordering team. In this case, our agents will inform you about the payment situation, the order, availability or stock of the items, returns and exchanges policy, arrival dates of items.

    Financed purchase: You can finance your online purchase with the IKEA FAMILY MASTERCARD or Ventajon VISA cards. This service is available on purchases over 60€.

    Paypal: If you have a Paypal account, you can easily pay with your account.

  • Is it safe to use my credit card to make the payment?
    Yes, all of our transactions are done under safe connection and we guarantee confidentiality for all your data.
  • ¿Tiene algún tipo de comisión mi compra con Paypal?
    No, actualmente no repercutimos ningún tipo de comisión a nuestros clientes al realizar el pago desde su cuenta Paypal.


  • What happens if my order arrives with damages?
    The customer is responsible to check the goods at the moment of the home delivery. Changes and returns will be accepted in faulty items during the validity period of the guarantee from the date of purchase, being Sarton Canarias who will take charge of the delivery expenses, to the IKEA store. You will have to get in contact with us by means of our email or calling 928 194 532 providing the details of the product, receipt, as well as the damage it has. Once the information arrives we’ll indicate you how to proceed.
  • Can I return my order or a specific item?

    If you are not fully satisfied with the products after receiving your purchase, return the product or products uncovered and unopened, inside the original package and alongside the purchase receipt, before 90 days.

    If your purchase was made from IKEA online located in the shopping centre 7 Palmas, you should return it at IKEA Gran Canaria Telde. It's indispensable to present the receipt for all returns or exchanges.

    If you don’t love your mattress, change it! You have 89 nights to try your mattress from the date of purchase. If you are not comfortable with your mattress bring it to the store with the purchase receipt and choose a different one that adapts better to the way you sleep. It cannot show stains or dirt nor damages. We’re very sorry, but we cannot accept the return of bedding (sheets, pillows, duvets, duvet covers, pillow covers, etc.) that are used, without their original packaging or if the original packaging has been opened.

    We cannot accept returns of fabrics, plants and other tailored products or those from the opportunities area and exhibition. The change or return will be accepted on defective items during the validity period of their guarantee from the purchase date, being Sarton Canarias S.A. who will take care of the delivery expenses, to the IKEA store.

    Click here for more information

  • Can I cancel my order once it's been placed?
    Una vez haya sido realizado, el pedido no podrá cancelarse. Si no estás completamente satisfecho con los productos, puedes devolverlos sin destapar o abrir, dentro del embalaje original y con el ticket de compra, antes de 90 días.
  • What can I do if one of the items I have received is incorrect?
    Si no estás completamente satisfecho con los productos, puedes devolverlos sin destapar o abrir, dentro del embalaje original y con el ticket de compra, antes de 90 días.. Es imprescindible la presentación de la factura para todos los cambios y devoluciones.

    Click here for more information

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