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Going back to work is getting complicated. We are setting the economy in motion again. Circumstances are unstable and in constant change. This can be stressful for companies and workers. We cannot predict with certainty what is going to happen. And yet, we need to be ready.

Choose your workspace

You can create an office space where you feel good when working from any corner of your house: all you need is a good desk, a comfortable chair, some storage space and a lamp. We recommend you to go for neuter colors that are not too bright. Choose materials that match the rest of your decoration to achieve a uniform aesthetic that fits your home.

Consider ergonomics

Taking a minute to check your posture can improve your wellness and productivity while working from home. Not crossing your legs, keeping the screens at the right height (approximately at eye-level) or adjusting the inclination of the seat are some of the main guidelines. A work chair that offers good support and is adjustable in height is essential, even when working from home. The chair should adapt to the shape of your body and your desk, so you can work comfortably for hours. The key is that you change your position once in a while, to release any muscular tension.

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Choose storage solutions for your workspace

Keeping a clear mind is difficult if your desk is filled with clutter. Say goodbye messy home workspace desk with storage solutions. Add some cable management or a work lamp that is also a charger to keep your workspace clear while charging your electronic devices. If you have to use both open and closed storage, hide the objects that you use less often or that are more important and keep at sight those that you use regularly and need at hand, or some that will add a personal touch to your workspace. Order will help your efficiency to improve, and you may even feel less stressed.

Improve air quality

Did you know that air pollution is one of the main health challenges of our time? You can improve the air quality inside the house with lush plants or with an air purifier. These are both super effective and affordable options. We tell you why. On the one hand, plants mainly help us by releasing oxygen and moisture, improving the environment around us and keeping it fresher. On the other hand, the FÖRNUFTIG air purifier is an affordable way of getting rid of odors and suspended particles such as dust and pollen. You just need to plug it and press start.

Recharge your batteries and relax

Without co-workers to remind you, it is easy to forget about taking regular breaks, and that is not a good thing for your creativity or your physical health. Create a good routine. Try downloading an app or setting an alarm that notifies you when it is time to get up and stretch every hour. Also rest your eyes and try exercises that do not involve an up close focus: look through the window or take a look at the titles on your bookcase. Get up from your desk, prepare some snacks or just take a break, or two. You will work more and better!

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