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Charm? Present. Warmth? Present. Personality? In abundance. With a pleasant palette of colors, comfortable bedrooms, areas for socializing and a cozy atmosphere, this hostel offers a home away from home to its guests, as well as a space to sleep soundly.

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Refurbished furniture shapes the reception area. A VADHOLMA kitchen island turns into a reception desk with plenty of shelf space to display items for sale. Add a KULLABERG high stool and a NÄVLINGE clip-on spotlight to create a nice check-in space.

Forget the small coffe shop-style tables: here, the larger tables bring all the guests together fo a family meal in a cozy space. The TOMMARYD table has been combined with YNGVAR chairs in different colors to give it a casual feel that encourages guests to stay longer chatting.



Island with grid


Mobile furniture, like the classic KUNGSFORS stainless steel trolley, makes it easy to keep the breakfast area well stocked throughout the day. The KUNGSFORS wall rack creates a flexible and uncluttered wall space to hang small utensils, such as cutlery.

Create a quiet corner for guests with this confortable REMSTA chair. Try placing it next to a door or window that opens onto a peaceful terrace full of plants, and add a standing lamp for reading: it will make it the ideal place to relax after a long day of sightseeing.


Bed frame




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