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A lot of things go into a kitchen – food, energy, water and a lot of waste comes out. However, a few smart choices will minimize traffic at both ends – and help you be kinder to both your wallet and the planet.

The quickest boiler in town

Induction transfers heat directly into your cookware and not the cooktop's surface. And as no heat escapes you can cook your meals faster, which means more me-time for you.

Save for another day

Jars with aroma-tight lids will help you cut down on food waste. Not only do they keep dry goods fresher longer, they're also great for trying out your pickling and preserving skills. A kitchen scale will make sure you get your proportions just right, and make your raw ingredients go further.

Shrink your sink

Filling your sink uses a lot of water, especially if it’s on the larger side. And it’s water you probably don’t need for most washing tasks. Placing a smaller tub in your sink and using that to wash in will cut down on your water consumption.

Bamboo is better

One way to make your kitchen more sustainable is to consider the materials you use. FRÖJERED bamboo fronts drawer are a good choice because bamboo grows fast and is highly durable. And it looks pretty good too.

Show your chopping boards some love

With a little maintenance, there’s no reason your wooden chopping boards shouldn’t last for years. Just remember to avoid the dishwasher and treat them with food oil every now and then.

Make the most of your fridge

Keeping a constant supply of chilled water in the fridge means you won't have to run the faucet to get cold water, which, in the summer months can take a really long time. And adding a lazy Susan means things won't get forgotten. Because no one enjoys finding green, furry things in the fridge.

Now you see the recycling, now you don’t

A kitchen recycling station needn’t take up a lot of space. If you have a spare nook or corner, you can put a few large bags on the floor, and you’re good to go. Add some shelving and a rail and you have extra storage too. And if you want to keep everything out of sight, just hang up a curtain.

You use what you see

Pull-outs give you an immediate overview, so you'll know exactly what you have – and don't have. No more unnecessary trips to the grocery store to buy stuff you already have.

Use a drawer for no-mess recycling

Creating a recycling station in your kitchen is great, but it can be a bit unsightly or in the way. So why not assign a deep drawer – or drawers – to the task? This way you get the function without all the fuss.

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