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We are going to help you create a comfortable and pleasing workspace, a place where each thing is in its place, with functional storage furniture and all the design you could imagine. We want your employees to feel like home, as well as your customers. That is why we have prepared a selection of storage series specially designed for your workspace, practical solutions to make your everyday easier. And more beautiful too.


GALANT + BEKANT. The perfect partners

Furniture of the BEKANT series are light and versatile. As they have castors, you can move them around wherever you want, use them as an auxiliary table for improvised meetings or even as a room divider. Its bookshelves and drawers have adjustable shelves, so you can adapt the space to your needs, while their metal grid is perfect for hanging notes or some decorations with magnets.


You can perfectly match them with GALANT wardrobes, chests of drawers and storage cabinets. Very sturdy furniture, tested for office use, made of solid materials and with details that make a difference. Most furniture of the GALANT storage series have combination locks so you can safely keep your important documents.

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IDASEN. A XXI century classic

IDÅSEN desks are designed for working both sitting and standing, because you can easily adjust the height of the desk. Also, its high cabinets, drawers with smart locks and cabinets with glass sliding doors, are perfect storage solutions for your workspace. Plenty of space for your documents, smart locks, soft-closing drawers and the guarantee of being tested for office and business use. No matter how your business is, with IDÅSEN you will have storage for years to come.

HÄLLAN. Personal storage

Here is a modular storage series that you can easily adapt to your space. Use free-standing cabinets or combine different ones to create bigger and more versatile solutions. The door can be opened in the direction you want and you can also customize the interior by removing or adding shelves. HÄLLAN is perfect for a meeting room, o as a locker at the office entry. You can use magnets to decorate it and keep things safe by placing a padlock on the door.

BROR. Your loyal adventure partner

We know that the needs of your business change with time, this is why we design versatile and durable storage solutions. Systems such as the BROR series, a collection of cabinets, bookcases and free-standing shelves that combine with each other to create the ideal storage for your workspace. You can adapt adjustable shelves to your needs, expand the combination with new cabinets or sections, or use your work table as display. BROR can handle anything, moisture too, so you can use it anythwhere. Also, its shelves can take up to 130kg of weight.
 The range featured has been approved for professional use.

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