for your business

Heres a fresh and modern café designed for casual coffee breaks, study sessions and stationery shopping. With bright interiors, durable yet stylish furniture and plenty of greenery, your guests can relax and recharge with a daily cup of inspiration.


Theres always room for more

This durable table can easily accommodate two, or can be put together to sit a big group. It has adjustable feet so it stands steady on uneven floors, no more wobbly tables!

Your guest will be hooked

Elevate your cafés look with stylish bar tables and chairs. This bar table has Handy hooks underneath where customers can hang their bags and jackets

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A flat White menú

Combine pegboards to create a simple yet striking menu behind the counter. And when special coffee beans arrive and the menú changes, Its easy to update it.

A candy store for paper lovers

Whats not to love? Create a shop in shop for papers enthusiasts with BROR storage system. Shelving units can display notebooks, pens and posters. And a work bench placed in the middle can showcase special items while creating a good flow for customers

A self service area for all the Little extras

Let your guests help themselves to water, extra glasses and cutlery with a self-service area by the counter.

Fresh and vibrant lighting

A group of pendant lamps in a punchy green colour lights up the room in a cosy way, while adding a design element to the space.

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