for your business

You are the boss around here, so design a space that suits your needs, your schedules, how you work and also how you rest. We have everything you need to enjoy working from home.


A desks that fits you

Height-adjustable desks so you can work sitting or standing, wide boards and storage space. All the design you need to have a more productive and beautiful week.

A comfortable chair that makes all the difference

Because you are going to spend more than a few hours sitting down, let’s find an ergonomic chair, with adjustable height and a backrest that adapts to the shape of your body. A comfortable place to work better. .

Storage that moves with you

Keeping your documents organized and well sorted saves you time and stress. With our drawer units and other storage solutions, you will always find everything right away. Some have casters, so you can put them wherever you want and move them later.

One item, two functions

Save space and tidy up your workspace thanks to smart items with double function. This work lamp with a built-in charger will give you light where you need it and keep your cell phone battery always at full capacity. While the monitor stand with integrated storage helps you keep your desk clutter-free.

Have you chosen your chair yet?

Remember to choose an ergonomic chair, height-adjustable and with lumbar support to give your back the rest it needs. At IKEA we have a wide variety of desk chairs.

Some snacks for long meetings

Teleworking can make us work longer hours in front of a computer. So it is important to have practical solutions to grab some snacks between meals. With a good tray and some jars with lid, carrying food to your improvised meeting room is so much easier.

Tidy up even the smallest details

Keep your desk clutter-free with the stationery organizers you will find at IKEA. Boxes, trays, magazine files and lots of other solutions to keep every pen, every pushpin, every paperclip in order.

Let us do the work for you

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