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This year we have learned the importance of knowing how to adapt. Now we know that we work better if we have an environment that helps us to inspire ourselves, to focus, to bring out the best in ourselves. That is why at IKEA we work to offer you versatile, affordable and durable solutions for your business. Whether you need new ideas to return to the office, or if you are thinking of adapting your bar, your store or restaurant to the times, we are here to help you.

Your professional office, your well-being

Times change. But don't worry, our furniture knows how to adapt. We have solutions to make your office even safer, warmer and more functional. Height-adjustable desks, for example, are perfect for organizing an impromptu meeting with more space for everyone.

In addition, we have stools, ergonomic chairs that adapt to the contours of your body, table lamps or light bulbs that will help you focus the light on what matters most. And if that's not enough, our air purifiers can make the office environment even cleaner.

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Your lodging business, your well-being

It's all about trust. The one you put in your business, and the one your customers put in choosing it as a lodging option. The rest and tranquility of a safe environment. A place to feel at home. Your hotel, your well-being.

Your store, your well-being

Open your business every morning and welcome your customers with security and confidence. If you are thinking of displaying your merchandise, the BROR open shelf can help you. Illuminate it with a spotlight with clamp, decorate it with a plant and place a cart in front of it to highlight some products above the rest.

Your hospitality business, your well-being

Make your business a safer and more welcoming place. There's nothing like a comfortable chair with an ergonomic seat and armrests to make your customers feel at home. Plus, stackable chairs make them easier to pick up for cleaning.
The range featured has been approved for professional use.


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Everything you need so you only have to worry about what is really important, making your business work.