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Let's turn your office or business into a much more beautiful place. A multifunctional space where you can fill your everyday life with inspiration and comfort for workers and customers. Character in every detail, smart solutions, furniture tested for professional use and your favorite design to have a good day every day.

RODULF, the versatile desk

RODULF is a height-adjustable desk, versatile and practical so you can work sitting or standing, adjusting the position easily and comfortably. And because it has a cable net under the tabletop, you can always keep your desk uncluttered.

Storage that never takes a break

If you are looking for a storage solution that can withstand anything, BROR is the perfect shelving solution for you. Adjustable shelves that adapt to your space and needs, easy to clean and as strong and durable as it looks. You can also expand your BROR shelving whenever you need by adding more sections or shelves.

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A cabinet that helps you get the job done

HÄLLAN is a multifunctional, practical and flexible cabinet. A storage solution for small items, such as wallets or chargers; or for more bulky items, such as bags or important documents. You can buy a single module, or combine several to create a larger cabinet. And because the door can be mounted to the right or left, you can place it in any corner or turn it into the protagonist of the room.

A break around TOMMARYD

The TOMMARYD table, with a simple design and convenient details, is perfect for coffee breaks, office lunches, and even for the meeting room. The laminated surface is very durable and easy to clean, making it suitable for your bar or restaurant too. You can adjust the feet so the table stands steadily on uneven floors.

The most comfortable meeting in the world

Designing a beautiful and practical space to hold your business meetings will help to improve results. Mix sofas, armchairs and side tables to get a breathtaking result for little money, light it properly and place a plant in the corner to create that homely atmosphere that makes you feel more comfortable.
The range featured has been approved for professional use.


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