for your business

Introducing BROR storage system. Modular, versatile and functional storage ideal for large and heavy objects, not only in offices and stores, but also in terraces, gyms or workshops... Discover all its possibilities!


As strong as it looks

Probably the strongest, sturdiest and most practical metal shelf we have created to date. It holds up to 130 kg, more than double the load capacity of a normal shelf.

What if we finish it off with a work table?

Add a work table to your BROR storage solution, you could use it as a counter, as extra space for large and heavy objects, and to display all your products! A durable, easy to clean and rust-free solution made of powder-coated galvanized steel.

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Order and functionality around the stove

Do you need to optimize space in a kitchen? You can easily expand the layout by adding sections and shelves. Adjust the shelves and adapt the space to your needs. It can also be used in areas with indoor humidity.

At the office: additional space for everything

Make the most of every meter of wall to display resourcefulness. Shelvings, cabinets and a small workspace provide you with the storage capacity and versatility you need in your office for both day-to-day activities and special projects.

This product has been developed and tested for professional use and has a 10-year guarantee.
Maximizing space can help you develop your tasks in a more comfortable and practical way.
The range featured has been approved for professional use.