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An open office with strategically placed workplaces and rest areas allows you to have a flexible space that fosters creative collaboration and teamwork. Practical storage solutions and space dividers improve flow and open the door to endless possibilities.


The smart use of space helps you create rest areas. That long counter with views and YNGVAR stools help you focus comfortably. Behind, BEKANT meeting tables with SKURUP ceiling lamps provide the perfect meeting space.


Going for clean and simple chairs to keep a clear space around the desk areas. The HATTEFJÄLL work chair has an elegant curved shape with an ergonomic design and lumbar support. It also has a reclining and adjusting mechanism so it lasts for many years.


A wide and lit up meeting room can be inspiring, both if used as a collaborative space or for commercial presentations. The big white table, consisting of two BEKANT meeting tables, is key to achieve that space easily.

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