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The IKEA Specialist

Do you dream of improving your home, kitchen or office?

We can do it!

The IKEA Specialist visits your home and gives you solutions for your space and budget. Reserve your visit today with the IKEA Specialist directly on our website or calling 902 77 77 77 / Option 2.

Arrange your visit

How does IKEA Specialist service work?

With a deposit of 40 euros we visit you home

We see the room you want to change and speak with you to identify your style.

We provide you wiht our experience in furniture and decoration, adapting to your space, needs ... and budget!

We give you a voucher of 40 euros to spend in IKEA

40€ as a gift!

This voucher can be used in any purchase of furniture or decoration at your store IKEA in the 3 months following the delivery.

For that, you just have to present it at the cash register and use its value all at once, so you can fully take advantage of it.

We help you put your dream in motion

The IKEA SPECIALIST will work on your project and will send you the result by email.

You’ll be able to come to your store to consult it and/or modify it.

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